MLS Betting in New Jersey - How to Bet on Soccer

MLS is one of the strongest soccer leagues in the world. Starting from humble beginnings, it capitalized on the US 1994 World Cup bid to boost the sport’s popularity. It’s now one of the most popular sports in the US for online betting, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

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The Best MLS Betting Sites in New Jersey

We've scoured the internet looking for the best bookmakers online that offer MLS betting. The list below shows bookmakers that we feel are the best for MLS bets.

  • 888Sport
  • Fanduel
  • DraftKings
  • FOXbet
  • BetMGM
  • William Hill Sportsbook
  • Bet 365 Sportsbook

Latest MLS Odds

The Seattle Sounders are off to a significant lead with their second MLS Cup win in club history. The odds for them scooping the 2020 MLS Cup are +1100 and are ranked the fifth choice to win. Toronto FC stands at +750 in 2020, strong contenders after being the 2019 MLS Cup runners-up.

The favorite to win this year's MLS Cup is Los Angeles FC, with +340 odds. Even though they haven't won the Cup yet, they were victorious in the Supporters Shield in 2019. Five-time MLS Cup winners LA Galaxy stand with odds of +1800, since their last championship was back in 2014.

Two teams stand out as long shots for the season: Nashville SC and the Vancouver Whitecaps both stand with odds of +12000 to win.

Types of MLS Bets

Dedicated soccer fans enjoy gambling on their favorite teams. Fortunately, they’re not limited to only betting on the outright winner of the game. There are many different types of bets you can place on various outcomes.

The Money Line

The money line is the traditional overall winner pick. To make the wager, you simply choose which of the two teams you think will win.


When someone refers to placing a win-draw-win bet, they are betting that the home team will win and that the away team will win or that there will be a draw.

Point Spread Betting

A point spread is a number set by the bookmakers to even out the odds between two teams. It's formed on the margin of a win or loss for the team. The underdogs are given a lead. The team indicated by a minus sign would be at a disadvantage; this is usually the favorite. A plus sign indicates the underdogs. If two teams are marked as follows:

Team A: -1.5

Team B: +1.5

If you bet on Team A, they have to win by 2 goals for you to win your bet. If you bet on Team B, then they need to win, draw or lose by no less than 1 goal.

Asian Handicap

This is a type of betting whereby the teams are handicapped according to their form. The stronger team is required to win by more goals in order for the punter betting on them to win. Asian Handicaps are designed to prevent a draw in a match.


This allows bettors to bet on either home or away wins; it removes the option of a draw from the bet. If the match does end in a draw, your stake will be returned.

Parlay Bet

It is a single bet that links two or more individual bets. All of the linked wagers need to win for the punter to win the Parlay Bet. If any of the bets in the parlay lose, then the bettor loses the entire bet. Parlay bets are also known as accumulators or combo bets.


When you use this type of bet, it allows you to combine bets on two different games. You can adjust the point spreads on the two events, but you will get a lower return on the stakes in case of a win. Also sometimes called a "two-team teaser."

MLS Future Bets

This type of wager is placed on future events, like matches or championship games. It's different from a bet on the outcome of one game. The result of the futures bet is for matches or a season. It finishes in the future and not on the day that the bet is placed.

Proposition Bets

In sports gambling, the bets are usually made on an outcome; for example, Team A will win the match. A proposition bet is made regarding whether a specific event takes place or not, and is not necessarily linked to the outcome of the game.

A prop bet in soccer would be that Team A will score the first goal; it doesn't mean that they will win the match, but if they score the first goal, you will win your bet.

With so many options available to punters, it's challenging to narrow down the most popular choices. Among the most played are the Goalscorer markets and Half time markets, but others do just as well.

Player Props

Goalscorer markets

These are linked directly to goals scored by individual players. Markets such as “who will score the first or last goal” are popular. Other available options are whether they will find the back of the net once or numerous times throughout the game. You can get odds on all these possibilities and more.

Player to get booked

Quite simply, if you find a player that you think has a high chance of being booked first in the game, you place a bet on that option at the available odds. If your player gets carded first in the game, you win, if he isn't, you lose.

Player to get assist

Instead of picking the first goalscorer, you choose the first player to get assistance from another player to score the goal. Another variation on this market is "first-time assist," where punters bet on the player to provide assist for the first goal.

Betting on Corner Lines

It is a niche market in the betting world and is often overlooked by punters and bookies alike. The bet involves trying to predict how many corner shots there will be in the match. It's usually an over or under situation. There are a few markets related to the corner lines bet. You can try to predict the exact number of corners, corner handicap betting, first match corner, and many more.

Betting on penalties

It's a free-kick that's taken from a penalty spot, which is sometimes awarded by a referee, and it has only the goalkeeper defending the goal. As soon as the shooter touches the ball, it's considered live. As a punter, you have a few variations of penalty options to bet on, such as the total amount of penalties in the game, or penalty shots per team.

Half Time Markets

Basically, when you place a halftime bet, you are predicting which team will be leading at half time. There are other half time markets available, and many markets such as corner shots or cards awarded can be adjusted for half time. It's a popular way to increase the odds without being specific about the game's final results.

Correct Score

The correct or exact score is one of the most challenging bets to win. If you think you can guess the score, you will get a fantastic return on your money. The odds quickly increase if you wager, by tenfold or more. They can be even better if you can predict the correct score for the first half.

Wincasts and scorecasts

A more challenging wager is the Wincasts bet. Gamblers need to predict the team to win, as well as selecting the player to score anytime during the game. The wincast odds are price apart from the odds of either individual outcome.

Scorecast is slightly different from wincast in that the punter needs to correctly predict the final result of the match and the player to score the first goal of the game. It's one of the most difficult bets to predict, and because of this, the bookies offer extremely long odds. It's one of the reasons that punters place bets on them, hoping that their guess will pay off big.

Top MLS Events

The MLS season is most definitely always exciting. This year it kicked off with MLS Superdraft, which was presented by Adidas. After that, the regular season starts, going all the way through to the Cup. Sports fans can also enjoy events such as the 2020 MLS All-Star Game, and the youth soccer skills challenge at LAFC's Banc of California Stadium.

A particularly exciting event combines fashion and sport to unveil the league's collection of 2020 jerseys. It's a star-studded event that includes many sporting legends as well as some from the film industry.

The standings are divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences. The clubs are listed according to point rankings that they've gained through the season. The standings are updated once a match ends.

Once the regular season ends, then the playoffs begin. Four playoff rounds happen over the course of five weeks, with the likelihood of a FIFA international break in between. Out of all the teams, fourteen will make it to the playoffs, seven from each conference. This produces three first-round matchups and one bye per conference.

These rounds are all single games, which are played on the home ground of the higher seed. The seed is a team in MLS, which is given a prelim ranking purely for the purposes of the draw. In effect, the team is planted on purpose. It's to ensure that the best teams don't face each other until much later in the tournament.

Best MLS Teams to Bet on

It's challenging to choose which teams are the best to wager on. The most obvious choices would be the strongest contenders, but it's not to say that the underdogs won't amaze everyone and take the Cup. According to the standings, the top three teams are Los Angeles FC, followed by Atlanta United FC and Toronto FC. This, in itself, isn't a good indication of whether they will win or not.

LA Galaxy has won the Cup five times before and could do it again if the conditions are right, and the Seattle Sounders FC is on a winning streak that could see them progress even though they are ranked fifth. They've managed to create a massive upset over LAFC before, so it's not to say they can't do it again.

The best strategy to take is to research the teams and the odds, analyze all the information, and make a wagering decision based on the outcomes. Sometimes even a longshot gets it right, and those bets can make you a pretty penny.

Basic MLS Betting Tips

No matter what kind of markets and bets you want to place, you still need some research and planning. Along with your strategy, there are a few things you can implement to help you increase your chances of successful wagers.

  • Compare Teams Matchups - If you can identify the team's strengths or weaknesses, then you can use this information to formulate your bet. It might not be for an overall win, but if the team has a fantastic goal scorer, you can explore the scorer markets in this case. Study and analyze the team's past performances and the players. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you will place bets with a higher chance of success.
  • Shop for value and compare - It pays to spend the time searching for the best betting lines. If you've signed up with various sites, you will quickly be able to see if the bet you want to place is selling at a better price elsewhere. The key is to be patient and compare the sites bet for better options.
  • Don't bet with your heart - Our emotions and loyalty sometimes get us into trouble. Sports fans are driven by passion, but sometimes logic is better when placing bets. If you find yourself placing bets on what you want to happen instead of what you think will happen, you're setting yourself up for failure. Do your research and plan a strategy, don't let emotions cloud your judgment.

Live MLS Betting - Where to bet Live on MLS

In today's competitive online sportsbook market, most operators make sure to have a live betting option. Players can usually access this via mobile devices or the optimized website of the online bookmaker. If your preferred bookmaker offers mobile betting, chances are they probably offer live bets. The following operators have the live bet option available:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Play SugarHouse
  • 888sport NJ

History of MLS in New Jersey

Major League Soccer is a professional soccer league. It was established in December 1993 in the United States. Sanctioned by the US Soccer Federation, it represents the sport's highest level in Canada and the US. Three of MLS founding members come from Kearney, New Jersey.

Soccer as a sport only appeared in Kearney in 1883, when the Scottish built a massive factory in the town and introduced the game to the locals. The sport has always been known as a working man's sport, and with more factories going up the pastime grew into a passion. Over the years, greats such as Manchester United came to the town to play a few games, and the city became known for turning our great soccer players such as John Harkes.

When MLS formed, the first player to be signed up was Tab Ramos, and he was assigned to the New York/New Jersey MetroStars. Officially MLS began playing in 1996 with only ten teams. In the beginning, things didn't go as planned, and at times MLS games were played to empty stadiums, leaving them with substantial financial losses.

However, even though it had setbacks, MLS managed to turn everything around between 2002 and 2006. It capped player's salaries and marketed itself on the strengths of American players, which boosted morale after the United States unexpectedly made it to the 2002 Fifa World Cup quarter-finals. It's been a rocky road for the organization, but today the MLS is a powerhouse for soccer in the US.


What is the biggest win ever in MLS gambling?

There is no record of the biggest win in MLS gambling, but we’re sure there have been some lucrative ones. Especially since there have been huge upsets like the Seattle Sounders wiping the floor with LAFC. If anyone had bet a fair sum on the underdogs at odds of +550, they would have scored a pretty penny.

What was the biggest upset in MLS history?

The Seattle Sounders were doomed to fail according to the bookies, who in 2019 had them at odds of 6-to-1 underdogs. Los Angeles FC was sitting with a calculated 81% to win. In the end, the numbers meant nothing. LAFC toppled as the Sounders pulled off the biggest upset in MLS history, at least by the betting line with a 3-1 win.

Can I bet on MLS in New Jersey?

Yes, sports betting is now legal in New Jersey for online and offline wagers. The one requirement is you must be located within the state and be over 21 to place a bet.

How does MLS work?

The league comprises 26 teams. Twenty-three teams come from the USA and three from Canada. It's divided into the Western and Eastern conferences, with sides allocated into these based on location. There are 13 teams in each conference for the 2020 season.

The top seven sides for each conference qualify to go to the MLS playoffs. Here the team will compete in the knockout format. The four teams remaining in each conference will then face off until the winner of each final proceeds to the December MLS Cup Final. At the final, the Western Conference side will always play against a Western Conference team.

Who is the best team in the MLS?

Currently, in the top spot of the MLS ranking are the Seattle Sounders, followed by LAFC, who was ranked first in the last season.

Can I bet on MLS on mobile?

MLS is one of the many soccer leagues worldwide that you can bet on via mobile devices. You can use your tablet or smartphone, and place bets via sports betting apps or a mobile version of your preferred sportsbook's website.

What are the betting lines in soccer?

It shows which team is the favorites for a particular match by displaying a minus sign before the price expressed in decimal odds. The underdogs have a plus sign next to their odds.

What are the most popular MLS bets?

There are many popular markets for MLS bets. The ones most used include outright match and competition betting, various goalscorer markets, handicap betting, correct goals in the games, and over/under for total goals.

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