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Welcome to Bet NJ, your number one source for betting in New Jersey on all of America’s favorite sports!

With the Garden State pioneering the way for sports betting in America, you don’t want to be left behind. Everything you need to know from odds to playoff schedules can all be found right here.

The list of sportsbooks in New Jersey is rapidly growing, and with that comes an increased need for news you can actually use. Here, at BetNJ, you can find all the information you would need for sports events happening around the country.

Not sure who to place your bets with? No problem! Check out our sportsbook reviews to see who you can trust with your money. We go very deep in our reviews to provide the best and useful information for Nej Jersey Citizens.

BetNJ is your one-stop-shop for odds, schedules, playoff reports, sports news, betting operators, and gambling information in New Jersey. And not to forget, we provide you with the best Sports Bonuses and welcome offers out there.

Since the NJ market is still young, several online sports betting providers fight about getting citizens to sign up for their own sportsbook.

We work hard so you don’t have to.

Our commitment

Our purpose is to keep you informed and up to date on sports betting. This includes providing guidance about:

  • different types of bets and betting strategies
  • honest reviews of online sportsbooks available in New Jersey
  • accurate reviews on different sportsbook bonuses and pr
  • bets exclusive to different sports
  • issues around legality

We do our homework to be sure you have access to the best strategies and smartest deals. If a deal’s a joke, we’ll let you know. And trust us, some deals really are bad.

We only recommend legal sportsbooks. This means the money you deposit with a legal, NJ-approved sportsbook is safe. It is a protected U.S. financial transaction, which means you have rights and legal protection. 

We only recommend tested betting strategies. We give you the smartest, most statistically-sound strategies tested and used by experts. 

What we do

BetNJ.com strives to give you the best betting experience when leaving in NJ state. We want you to feel that you got all you need for your online spots betting on one site only.

In all we do there are a few guiding stars that guides us:

  • We want our readers to trust us
  • We want to give our readers the best possible quality
  • In all we do, honesty should be in focus

Our History

Online betting for sports has been a long path. And New Jersey was central to seeing that legislation passed. In 2018, we got the good news, and sports enthusiast in New Jersey have been pumped to be able to put some skin in the game.

Since 2019, BetNJ.com has been covering all aspects of sports betting in New Jersey. We jumped in feet-first, pooling a team of writers to cover all aspects of sports betting, top to bottom.

Our team currently has members focusing on different sports, specific betting strategies, and reviewing online sportsbooks and their offers. It’s a more than full-time job, but it’s what we love!

Why you should visit BetNJ.com

In the online sports betting world it’s a real jungle. There are so many sportsbooks advertising themself as the “best sportsbook” out there. But how could you now? It takes time to investigate the different betting sites to see what they’re made of.

We put in the time to get all knowledge about the betting platforms, the odds, the payment option, the bonuses, the welcome offers and much more.

We provide you with all information you should need when interesting in sports betting or when you look for a new sports betting site.

Working at BetNJ.com

If you have a passion for sports betting and experience writing web content, get in touch! Please include a CV and sample of your writing so we can start to see if you’d be a fit with our team.

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Feel free to get in touch with questions or comments. You can email us at [email protected]

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