Guide to Virtual Sports in New Jersey

Virtual Sports are taking the iGaming world by storm. These games are sort of a hybrid between sports and casino classics.

Bettors make correlations with real sports to make the winning wagers on simulated events.

Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites in New Jersey

When we rank the best virtual sports betting sites in NJ there are several factors that we include. Of course it’s very important to review the feeling of watching the virtual games.

It should feel “alive” and thrilling. If you cannot feel the tense and heat from a game or a race, you might just as well buy a ticket for a lottery.

We will soon get back with our official ranking of the best Virtual Sports betting sites in NJ.

Introduction to Virtual Sports

The advantage of this relatively new and innovative gambling medium is that you have access to a range of Virtual sports at any part of the day. The virtual nature attracts video-game enthusiasts, sports fans, and casino lovers.

Since these games are created with the help of advanced technologies, they include exciting graphics and features. Players get to enjoy the novel experience of online sports betting.

You can choose from many events and place waggers during any time of the day.

The advent of computer technology has made it possible for betting sites to offer virtual equivalents of the games bettors love to wager on.

As more people have gained access to computers and internet access in the 2000s, virtual betting began to see rapid adoption. Today it constitutes a significant part of the gambling industry.

To protect bettors, governments have put in place regulations to keep both sportsbooks and bettors safe. Some of the regulations in place are:

  • Bets must be placed before the virtual game starts
  • Results must be displayed on-screen after every match
  • If technical glitches occur, all bets placed on the game are considered void, and funds must be refunded to bettors

This article discusses virtual bets, what they are, how they work, and the betting sites with virtual sports in New Jersey.

What Are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are fantasy games that are inspired by real professional sporting events. They’re electronic games or simulations that are generated by the software.

The programs comply with a set of rules and a Random Number Generator

Today Virtual sports are similar to the typical real-world games you bet on in every single way, except that computer algorithms control them.

What are virtual sports?

The latest software allows you to feel as if you were in the sports arena. You can even listen to additional commentaries and fans singing.

Instead of waiting 90 minutes for the outcome of the game, you can place bets every couple of minutes. 

Sports betting beginners can bet on virtual athletic events to get a better understanding of the game and improve their knowledge.

Bookies offer player profiles that have no connection to real-life teams. This information makes it easier to anticipate events and bet accordingly.

Like any sports game, virtual sports:

  • Have odds
  • They play out in league format 
  • They have markets (such as match winner, the first team to score, over/unders, and handicaps) 
  • The bettor plays the role of correctly predicting the game’s outcome

Operators provide clear concepts and tutorials for newbies to create a seamless sports betting experience. There is no extensive athletic understanding required to enjoy betting. While there is a small learning curve, there are resources to help. 

Virtual sports are highly regulated, which means there are hardly any scams or fixes. Bettors know that when they place a wager on any given event, it’s fair and safe.

Types of Virtual Sports

As we mentioned before, access to day-round events is one of the highlights of this gaming category. There are so many games and races available to bet on at all times and from anywhere.

You can find your favorites in racing, football, cycling, basketball, and more. 


Racing is one of the most accessible types of sports to bet on. The racers are given odds before the start of the event based on their weighted chance of winning. In virtual racing, a random number generator determines the outcome. 

The most straightforward betting option is to pick a winner. To minimize your risk, you can go for an each-way bet, which pays out if your chosen racer finishes in either first or second place.

Riskier bets include forecast and tricast; this is where the punter predicts the first two or three finishers in the right order. 

Horse Racing

horse racing
Horse races are classic gambling events, so it makes sense that operators would offer virtual tournaments. These games mimic a real racing environment with amazing animations and features.


NASCAR fans are quick to get into iRacing. The graphics are thrilling, and you feel like you’re in the stadium. As cars buzz around you, you place bets on the outcome of software-generated races. 


Greyhound racing is a gambling pastime. The sport itself is frequently criticized for being inhumane. While it’s illegal in 40 states, the dogs are still bred for racing.

One incredible solution that will satisfy fans and critics alike is virtual greyhound racing. This is becoming increasingly popular among online gambling enthusiasts. 


Cycling may not be the first thing that pops into our minds when we think of betting. That said, it’s lucrative and very entertaining.

The cycling betting markets are similar to horse racing, and they’re easy to understand. 

Traditional Sports

We’d also like to mention that some of the best virtual sporting events are team-oriented. These simulations make you feel like you’re in the stadium, watching the game playout as you make bets. 


Online sportsbooks offer NFL simulated game betting. You can place bets on the over/under, the money line, and spread. The graphics are excellent, and the CPU plays the game out in 15 minute quarters. 


Virtual Tennis games offer a realistic and revenue-driving experience. Betting cycles are offered around every three minutes. You can bet on real-like markets for the sport such as the winner of the 1st game, 1st set, and match. 


Basketball fans can get in on the action virtually. Developers are setting high standards of graphics and animation.

The fast-paced rolling system ensures a much quicker betting frequency than real games. Most bookies would simulate an NBA Championship, and it is usually finished on the same day!


Combat Sports

Virtual combat sports allow you to bet on who will win the next virtual boxing and virtual UFC fights. 


Soccer is one of the popular sports in the world. Betting is fast and fun with virtual soccer, and the games are quicker as well.

betting on soccer

Betting on Virtual Sports in New Jersey 

You can bet on many virtual games and races in New Jersey. This innovative iGaming category is becoming increasingly popular.

We expect more licensed online NJ casinos to add more virtual games and races to their library soon.  

Yes, virtual sports are legal in New Jersey. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which only applies to real-world athletic events, does not apply to virtual sports.

Additionally, PASPA was recently overturned by the US Supreme Court.

Any New Jersey online casino or casino in Atlantic City can now offer virtual sports with the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement’s approval.

Anywhere that you find a licensed bookmaker that is offering betting, you can assume that it’s legal. These operators are required to get regulatory approval before they offer games in any jurisdiction.

The states of Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Iowa, Indiana and West Virginia all allow Virtual sports betting within their territories.

Some bookmakers are unlicensed. These operators don’t deal with any vetting, so we recommend that you don’t place any bets on these websites. 

How does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

Betting sites with virtual sports typically use a Random Number Generator to create a fair outcome for their games.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) weighs the outcome and picks a random final result for each game to prevent repetitive outcomes.

Since the results are randomly determined, there is no way to game the system or predict a precise outcome.

Random Number Generators can perform multiple functions, such as choosing the teams to pair, the number of horses to include in a horse race, and deciding the final result.

Secondly, each participant in the game is given an ability score. The ability score is factored into the outcome by the Random Number Generator.

It introduces an element that bettors can use to guide their wagering decisions since participants with a stronger ability score are likelier to win the game than their counterparts with a lower ability score. 

However, luck is still key to winning bets made on virtual sports because a high ability or history of wins does not guarantee a win for any particular team.

Unlike regular sports games, where you can make an informed decision based on your knowledge of the team’s historical performance, bettors wagering on virtual betting games can only rely on their instincts and luck.

On the other hand, bettors have the added benefit of not dealing with unexpected events, such as a striker being out with a serious injury or a horse reacting negatively to poor weather.

In addition, virtual sports do not involve any emotional connections with a team that could cloud a bettor’s judgment, which allows for more rational and fact-based decision-making.

What is the Best Virtual Sports Betting Strategy?

Even though the event outcomes are entirely random, there’s still a strategy involved. We’ve put together a few tips that you can employ if you want to improve your chances of winning big. 

When you’re betting on virtual sports, you want to look at the odds and bet accordingly. If you want to win small amounts of money often, then you should target shorter-priced selections.

Even if longer odds can bring bigger wins, this strategy is less risky.

Punters may also want to back more than one selection in any given race. This can be profitable in runs with a small number of participants. 

How di i maximize my winnings on Betting Sites with Virtual Sports?

These tips will help you to maximize your winnings on betting sites with virtual sports and minimize the risks you will face if you are new to virtual sports betting:

  • Less is more: if you are new to virtual sports betting, keeping your initial bets as low as possible is best to avoid racking excessive losses. As stated in the previous section, your knowledge and experience in betting do not impact your ability to win in virtual sports games.
  • Be strategic: if presented with two games, where one has 5 greyhounds participating with a 2/1 odd and the other has 12 horses participating with a 6/1 odd, wagering on the greyhounds is the best choice for a bettor whose primary goal is winning. The odds are lower, but since there are only 5 options to wager on as opposed to 12 horses, the probability of picking the winning greyhound is much higher. 
  • Find promotions: take advantage of any available promotions and bonuses, but ensure you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions before you do.
  • Withdrawal options: to ensure you can withdraw your winnings, choose operators that offer quick and easy payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, ecoPayz, PayPal, or Neteller. You could even try cryptocurrencies, which allow you to transact with more privacy.

Does Virtual Sports Betting Software Work?

This betting software works by recreating and simulating fantasy sporting events. These programs follow a set number of rules, and the outcomes are random.

Some of these programs have realistic 3D graphics as well as professional voice-overs. 

The results of any race or game are generated by a sophisticated algorithm that picks impartially decides the winners. This means that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find any scams or fixes. 

Don’t Betting Sites With Virtual Sports Rig the Game?

Many bettors believe that betting sites with virtual sports rig the game to favor themselves because, unlike games played by humans, the betting site controls the software and can do whatever benefits them the most.

While shady betting sites with virtual sports may rig games to favor the house, reputable betting sites with virtual sports abide by laws and regulations which prevent such manipulations.

Reputable betting sites with virtual sports use the Random Number Generator, so you can rest assured that the virtual games on their sites are fair.

Of course, there is no denying that the betting site is actively trying to make money. However, it is common knowledge that every game on a betting site incorporates a concept called the “house edge”.

This is the percentage that goes to the betting site as revenue, typically around 4% of all bets on the site.

What are the Top Virtual Sports Betting Secrets?

There is no perfect strategy for gambling. Even though everyone has some tips and tricks, in the end, much comes down to luck.

That said, be wise when you pick a virtual sport to bet on, some are more lucrative than others. 

Most online casinos offer a range of different sports, and there are many ways you can win. Try not to chase losses, as this hardly ever brings a positive outcome.

Instead, take a break to regroup or change up your sport. 

Popularity of Virtual Sports

Virtual sports is one of the latest trends in online gambling. Many of today’s sports bettors enjoy the flexibility and convenience that this category has to offer. 

What are the Biggest Virtual Sports games?

While football, basketball, cycling, and horse racing are some of the most popular sports, some of the top titles are more obscure.

Virtual darts, cricket, and greyhound racing are also some of the best events for online betting enthusiasts. 

Virtual games and races have been around for decades, but have recently become more popular.

Advancements in technologies have allowed developers to provide users with a seamless and entertaining gambling experience

Where/How to watch Virtual Sports in New Jersey

As long as you’re 21 and located within state lines, there are many places you can watch virtual sports in New Jersey. The top online gambling platforms feature top-notch virtual races, football, basketball, and more. 

Where to Watch Virtual Sports

Games are currently available at nine legal online casinos in New Jersey. You can enjoy cash play. 

You can find games on a range of the best New Jersey online sportsbooks. Operators that you may be familiar with include Golden Nugget Casino, bet365, Caesars, Unibet, SugarHouse, and BetMGM. 

Golden Nugget Online Casino offers five racing games, basketball, and virtual soccer. Other online casinos also offer games from top software developers in the industry.

How to Watch Virtual Sports

When you ‘play’, you’re merely watching the event unfold. You have no outcome on the game, and your role is to relax and place bets. To watch, you need to set up an account on an online casino that’s licensed in NJ. 

These contests are programmed to run 24/7. You can find a race or game to enjoy at any time during the day. You can enjoy and place bets on your desktop or a mobile device. 

History of Virtual Sports

The sports betting industry has been around for centuries, but virtual games are a much newer phenomenon.

We typically discuss digital spots as a relatively recent development in online gambling, but in reality, it has over 50 years of history. 

These games have evolved immensely, and now involve high-quality visuals, sound, and features. The reason the betting experience is seamless now is that developers have had time to perfect the product. 

When did Virtual Sports Start?

Virtual sports began in the 1960s. This decade witnessed the first electronic games to generate visual feedback on display.

These original titles had an origin in fantasy sports. Today, modern computers produce complex and realistic animations. 

When was Virtual Sports Created?

The first virtual sports played on a computer is 1961. It was the first time an RNG and computer technology was used to simulate a real-world sporting event. 

Who Invented Virtual Sports?

Some of the first digital games that you could bet on were racing-based and found in arcades. Players would set a wager on the car or horse that they expected to win. 

The mechanized software was in place already when these games gained popularity in the ’70s and ’80s. Often John Burgeson is given credit for coding the first event of this innovative entertainment option. 

When Was the First Tournament?

The 1961 virtual game was the first of its kind. The event was a fantasy baseball game coded by John Burgeson, and the two teams played one another using RNG and player statistics to determine the game’s outcome impartially.

The Industry

The iGaming industry is one that is constantly evolving. Advancements in technology, together with new global betting markets, are some of the factors that will also likely boost profits. 

How much is the Virtual Sports Industry Worth?

Experts in the iGaming industry have noticed the revenue potential in virtual sports. With many sporting events being canceled in 2020, this industry is likely to grow. 

What are the Major Virtual Sports Providers?

Virtual content comes from the top providers, including Draftkings, NSoft, Golden Race, Leap Gaming, Betradar, 1×2 Gaming, and Global Bet. You can find content from these developers integrated with many of the best NJ legal online casinos. 


Betting sites with virtual sports allow users to maintain the excitement of wagering on games, even when their favorite teams don’t have any games on. 

Although the Random Number Generator makes it impossible to predict the outcome of any game using historical knowledge or experience, you can optimize your success rate by wagering on games with the least amount of risk possible.

Finally, it is advised that you study the terms and conditions of the betting sites with virtual sports that you intend to use and only wager on regulated sportsbooks to avoid falling victim to scam sites offering games rigged in favor of the betting site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, since the outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator, it’s nearly impossible to rig. These providers are also highly regulated.

Yes, as long as you’re in the state and over the age of 21, you can bet legally on your favorite games in NJ.

Many online sportsbooks and casinos have extensive virtual sports libraries. Look for a licensed operator that offers virtual games and races.

Players have reported winning more than $200,000 on one bet from iGaming leader Draftkings.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone can cheat. The games comply with the same rules and restrictions as other casino games. Operators prioritize fairness and security in gameplay.
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