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Everything you need to know about betting on NHL

NHL and hockey is one of the easiest sports around in the NJ sports betting scene. Hockey rules is pretty simple and most of us know what to expect from a hockey game.

However, to beat the sportsbooks today you need so much more than just knowledge. Most people know that when you bet on a casino, roulette for instance, you cannot win in the long run. “The house always win”.

The same thing goes for NHL betting online, that is, if you don’t get that extra knowledge and use the right strategy.

Here at BetNJ we are experts on NHL and betting on hockey, and we have produced this whole site to provide all information you need to be a successful sports bettor.

all you need to know about betting on the nhl

Gamblers in New Jersey must be at least 21 years of age to begin placing bets.

Other than that, it is completely legal to wager on the NHL in the state of New Jersey. Read all about gambling laws and safety in our article about the topic.

Types of NHL Betting Lines

NHL Money Line Betting

Betting on the Money Line is simple; you’re just picking the team you believe will win. The odds for these bets will vary based on the size of the favorite.

For example, on BETMGM if the -130 Flyers were playing the +110 Rangers, you would have to bet $130 on the Flyers to win $100, while a $100 wager on the Rangers would win $110.

NHL money line betting

NHL Total Over Under Betting

For these bets, bookmakers predict how many combined goals will be scored in a game, leaving bettors the option to bet the “over” or the “under”.

Let’s say the total for the Flyers vs. Rangers game is set at 6.5. Anyone who bet the over needs at least 7 goals scored to win their bet. Otherwise, gamblers who bet the under will win.

Even-numbered totals, such as 5.0 and 6.0, allow the possibility of a push, meaning if the combined goal total matches the O/U total, all bettors receive their original wagers back.

NHL Puck Line Betting

Hockey’s version of a point spread is known as the “Puck Line.” This line is always set at 1.5, meaning favorites (-1.5) will need to win the game by 2 goals, while underdogs (+1.5) are able to lose by a goal and still win their bet.

For example, a -130 Money Line favorite will fetch odds around +200 on the Puck Line, while a +110 Money Line underdog will be near -250.

NHL Parlay Betting 

Parlays can be tough to win, but they do offer great payouts. You are essentially betting on a group of 2+ bets, and each bet must-win for the parlay to be victorious.

Each bet added to the parlay will increase the potential payout but also decrease your chances of winning.

NHL First Period Betting

In addition to full game betting, there are first-period betting options as well.

Many bookies will offer Money Line, Puck Line, and Over/Under Totals. The Puck Line for these bets is usually set at 0.5, while the O/U Totals are around 1.5. 



This year consists of a 56 game regular season, with the top 4 teams in each division qualifying for the playoffs.

Lets have a look at an example: BETMGM‘s current favorites to win the Stanley Cup include Avalanche (+400), Tampa Bay (+600), Golden Knights (+750), Maple Leafs (+850), Hurricanes (+1200), Capitals (+1400), and Islanders (+1400).

Each value is the winnings you get when betting 100$. So if you bet 100$ on Colorado you will have a net win of 400$. In decimal odds this is the same as 5.0.

NHL stanley cup winner odds

Divisional Outrights

Due to border crossing restrictions, the NHL has realigned the league into 4 divisions: the West, Central, East, and North (Canada).

With BETMGM, the +170 New York Islanders have the best odds to win the East Division, followed by the +275 Capitals, +350 Bruins, +450 Penguins & +700 Flyers.

NHL Player Props

Goalscorer Markets 

One of the most common player props is for scoring goals. The odds for these bets range depending on the player and team.

For example, with BETMGM, you can wager on Matthew Tkachuk to score anytime at odds of +160. Most sportsbooks will offer goal scorer markets on the day of Hockey games. 

Player points & assists 

In addition to goalscoring, you can also bet on points and assists scored by a player.

These bets work similarly to goal-scoring props, with some bookies using the O/U format with lines typically set between 0.5-2.5. Other sportsbooks may offer player vs. player lines, where you bet on which player will score more.

Player shots on goal 

These prop bets are typically in the O/U format, with odds varying based on the player and position.

Some of the league’s shot leaders, like Nathan Mackinnon and Alex Ovechkin, will see their shot totals in the 3.0-4.0 range.

First player to score 

Similar to anytime goal props, you can also bet on players scoring the first goal. These bets offer much better odds than anytime goal props.

For example, Canada’s Dylan Cozens is -115 as an anytime scorer and +800 as the first goalscorer.

NHL Empty Net Betting

The empty net is a crucial factor when placing a bet. Goals scored on an empty net will often change the outcome of Puck Line and Over/Under bets.

Gamblers should always keep this factor in mind when placing a bet.

empty net betting in the nhl

Why comparing NHL ODDS matters

Signing up for multiple sportsbooks is critical for maximizing your profits.

Let’s say BETMGM may offer the New Jersey Devils at +190, while 888sport offers them at +200. In this scenario, having multiple bookie options would profit you an extra $10 if you had wagered $100 on 888sport.

NHL Favorites vs. Underdogs

In NHL betting, there are two sides to a bet: the favorite and the underdog.

The favorite represents the team/bet that is more likely to win, while the underdog represents their opponent.

For example, in NHL, New York Islanders are set as -150 favorite against New Jersey Devils, who is a +120 underdog.

How to recognize a great NHL Bookmaker

Recognize a great nhl bookmaker

The license they hold means safety

In order to guarantee your initial investments, you should always bet with licensed bookmakers. 

While some unlicensed NHL sports betting websites may have great reputations, there is no legal guarantee they will pay you your winnings.

Bonuses and promotions tailored to NHL betting

Always compare your options before signing up with a NHL sports betting website. Some will give sign up bonuses and even do promotions during special events.

Signing up for a sportsbook is free, just make a deposit and you’ll be ready to begin betting.

Margins they provide on NHL odds

If you don’t have the time to check the main sportsbooks for the best odds, then you may want to check out a third party NHL sports betting site.

You’ll be able to find reviews, live updates, and betting trends gathered from all the main sportsbooks, helping you save time and make sharper NHL picks.  

Variety of NHL betting lines

Before signing up with a sports betting site, it is important to make sure that they offer a wide variety of NHL betting lines.

The best sites will offer money lines, point spreads, and over/under totals. Experienced gamblers will consider bookies that offer futures and prop bets.

Easy to use interface

When reviewing NHL sports betting sites, make sure to check out the ease of use when placing a bet.

If a sports betting site is difficult to read or follow, it won’t be a good experience. Each sportsbook has distinctive characteristics, so find one that is easy to follow and enjoyable to use.

Variety of Payment Methods accepted 

Some bookies will offer more payment methods than others. A few common examples include Bank Transfers, Credit/Debit Cards, Cryptocurrency, and E-Wallets, such as Skrill and PayPal. 

Multiple Customer support channels

All licensed bookies will have near-instant access due to the fast-paced nature of betting. Email, phone, and chat support are critical when you need answers immediately.

You never know when you’ll need help, and ensuring your bookie has a reliable support team is a great advantage to have.

Bet on the go – Mobile Betting on NHL Betting

Live NHL Betting – Where to bet Live on NHL

So what’s the big difference between live betting and pre-game betting? Live betting is frequently updated and sports bettors may come across some valuable odds lines.

Pre-match betting gives fans plenty of time to review their picks. For gamblers who are unable to place their pre-game bets in time, live betting is a great option.

Top NHL Betting apps

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It might be laughable for an occasional bettor when we recommend placing your bets on the underdog. Yet, Scot A Berry won big by betting 400 USD on the underdog, the St. Louis Blues, and winning 100 000 USD in the unbelievable turn. The Blues won the Stanley Cup Final in 2019 against the Boston Bruins. This was the first time that the team ever won the Cup.

In 2006, Edmonton Oilers won against the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Quarterfinals. There were so many factors against the Oilers that it is unbelievable how they pulled it off. 29 points separated the two teams; the Red Wings had a legendary roster at the time, and yet, the Oilers made it work. Not only did they destroy the Wings, but they rode right to the end, eventually losing to the Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Final.

Yes, it is legal to bet on the NHL in NJ online and state-regulated sportsbooks. You will have to be 21 years old and be physically within the state borders to bet. Also, you do not need to be a state resident, making it easier for tourists and bettors from other states to come to New Jersey to bet.
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