NHL Betting - How to Bet on Hockey

There is a huge interest in hockey betting in New Jersey. This is in part due to the history of the Devils, hockey's dynamic pace, and the very convenient betting laws in the state. The Garden State now legally allows sports betting and there are loads of reliable betting sites to do so. 

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Our Recommended Betting Sites

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Betting in New Jersey is quite easy now due to state regulations. You do not have to be a New Jersey resident to start an account at an online sportsbook. If you are 21 years old, you can open it from anywhere in the country. The betting information, odds, and other details are readily available as well.

However, if you want to start the betting action immediately, you will have to be within the state borders.

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The Best NHL Betting Sites

The variety of betting platforms is huge these days. Here we are recommending the tried and trusted ones. Cutting our list is not easy. The bookmaker must:

  • hold a proper license
  • offer top odds
  • include rich markets to choose from
  • offer excellent bonuses and promotions
  • put the bettor first


BetMGM is one of the leading sportsbook and casino platforms. It includes betting on any sport, from soccer to table tennis. Major hockey competitions, futures, props, and live betting options are also available.


SugarHouse is one of the top sportsbooks for mobile users. Not only do they boast a great website design with smartphone users in mind, but they also offer separate, downloadable apps for Android and iPhone users. The Android users can download the app directly from the sportsbook's website, and the iOS users will find the app in the App Store.

The sportsbook also offers a very lucrative welcome bonus of a 100% match up to 250 USD on the first deposit.


888 is a world-famous casino and betting platform, which has had the trust of its users for a long time now. This platform offers New Jersey bettors a safe and reliable space for their betting adventures, in addition to its massive bonuses. The promos include a risk-free first deposit, a free in-game bet, and many more daily and weekly offers.

The platform offers a top mobile experience, a variety of NHL events, and good odds.

Latest NHL Betting Odds

The NHL is one of the most beloved leagues all over the Northern American continent, and millions of people watch the games from the start of the season. Supporting their favorite teams is a must for the fans. On the other side of the screen, however, is the online bettor who wants to find the best odds to maximize their bottom line.

The NHL regular season usually starts in October and ends in April. The Stanley Cup starts a couple of days after that, and the big Finals happen in Late May or early June.

The bookmakers put out the odds for the NHL regular season as well as the Stanley Cup way in advance, to allow bettors to realize how the horizon is shifting.

NHL Betting Odds for the Stanley Cup

Below are the latest odds for the Stanley Cup:

Boston Bruins +600 Calgary Flames +3500
Tampa Bay Lightning +650 Minnesota Wild +4000
Colorado Avalanche +800 New York Rangers +4000
St. Louis Blues +800 Arizona Coyotes +4500
Vegas Golden Knights +900 Columbus Blue Jackets +5500
Washington Capitals +1100 Florida Panthers +5500
Philadelphia Flyers +1200 Winnipeg Jets +5500
Pittsburgh Penguins +1300 Buffalo Sabres +25000
Dallas Stars +1600 Chicago Blackhawks +25000
Edmonton Oilers +2000 Montreal Canadiens +25000
Toronto Maple Leafs +2500 Anaheim Ducks +50000
Carolina Hurricanes +2700 Los Angeles Kings +50000
Nashville Predators +3000 New Jersey Devils +50000
New York Islanders +3000 Ottawa Senators +50000
Vancouver Canucks +3000 San Jose Sharks +50000

NHL 2020 Predictions

It is always exciting to get hyped over the predictions on which team will perform their best and who will lose. As you can see in the above table, the runners for the Stanley Cup championship are Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Boston Bruins.

Colorado Avalanche vs. Vegas Golden Knights

This could be an interesting match: youth vs. experience. This game will stand out as very intense and fast-paced two-and-a-half hours. In the end, the Avalanche will probably win due to their resistance and intensity.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Boston Bruins

Taking the history of Boston Bruins against Tampa Bay Lightning, the latter came on top in 2018. If we take into account the developments after that, we still think that the Bolts will win this game.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche

If the Stanley Cup Final meets our predictions, you’ll have a special game to remember for a long time. Both teams are strong-willed, and both have great players. However, the Tampa Bay Lightning are going to take the Cup. Why? Although the Avalanche's potential is boiling up, the Bolts have been working on getting the Cup for the past decade. This year will prove them worthy.

Types of NHL Hockey Bets

Hockey is a game that many bettors enjoy, because of its fast pace and dynamic outcomes. A usual ice hockey game does not register as many goals as, say, basketball. However, the gameplay is exciting enough for fans and occasional bettors. There are a lot of bet types and markets for the NHL bettors to try. Below we explain some of the most popular ones.

Point Spread Betting

The point spread is a type of puck line bet, but with higher scores. While betting on the point spread, the bettor tries to determine by what margin of points the favorite team will win. It is also possible to bet on the underdog and win because you have guessed the correct number of points by which the team will lose.

As hockey is a game where higher scores are not common, this type of bet usually pays out more.

Over Under Bets

Over/Under is a type of a totals bet, which means that the bettor is trying to determine how many goals there will be during the whole game, including overtime. Usually, the sportsbooks will let you bet either over 5.0 or under 5.5.

If the total number of goals is less than 5.5 goals, and you had your bet on Under 5.5, you win. 

The Money Line

The money line bets are very straightforward, thus very popular. You just have to guess the winner of the game to receive your winnings. In money line bets, the sides rarely have the same odds number. On the contrary, there are more games where one team is a clear favorite. The larger the number in the money line, the more money you get in case of winning.

Puck Line Bets

Puck line bets offer more lucrative outcomes than the money line bets. The point spread in this bet type is always -1.5 for the favorite, and +1.5 for the underdog. The odds value is indicated for each team. In the case of -1.5, you are trying to determine if the favorite team will win the game by more than 1.5 goals. If your underdog tends to score a goal under pressure during the overtime, you might end up in a better place if you bet on the underdog.

Player Props

Player Props is a type of a proposition bet placed on the outcomes for a certain player. For example, how many goals the player will score. Will a player score the first etc. These bets usually settle after the game.

Goalscorer Markets

There are 3 goalscorer markets available in NHL betting: first, last, and anytime goal scorers. The sportsbooks invented the first goalscorer market, and when it became popular enough, the other two came about.

These markets payout quite generously because it is quite tricky to find the right person to score the corresponding goal. Betting on the favorite players is interesting enough, but It is especially intriguing to get out of the box and bet on someone who is not a usual goalscorer. This bet type can be quite profitable, and although it takes some skill and luck, the process is fun and exciting.

Player points

Player points betting is like the goalscorer props, but with one major difference: the player does not have to earn the point by scoring a goal. Instead, the point can be awarded for an assist to a goal. You can easily place this prop on leading players as well as the dark horse or an underrated player of your liking.

Empty Net

An "Empty net" is a "last resort" move by the coach of the losing team to remove the goaltender from the net and use him as an attacker. Of course, the chances of scoring a goal increase, but the chances of losing the game also become higher.

Empty net is a bet type when the bettor tries to guess if the game will end with a goal in the empty net.

Parlay Bet

A parlay bet or an accumulator is a type of a wager that combines several betting markets. You must win each of the stakes included in the bet to win the overall parlay. Strategists usually advise you to keep away from these lucrative yet risky bet types, but if you want a little thrill, you might as well take it.


A teaser is a parlay bet where you can move the point spread to your favor. It works just like the parlay. Thus, all the bets within the teaser should win so that you win the whole bet. Teasers are used both for point spread bets and over/under bets.

The Grand Salami Bet

The grand salami is an over/under bet where the bettor wagers on the total amount of goals scored in all the NHL games played during the day.

First Period Betting

"First period betting" in the NHL is similar to "The First Five Innings" betting in MLB. You can use practically all types of bets, but first period bets will disregard everything that happens after the first period. 

NHL Future Bets

Futures are the bets that you place at the beginning of the season. You only learn the outcomes as the season comes to an end.

Proposition Bets

We have already discussed the so-called "player props," which are a type of proposition bets. The only difference is that these bets refer to the teams and gameplay in general, instead of the players.

Top NHL Events to Bet on

The NHL schedule is filled with excellent events to look forward to. We have tried to single out some of them.

Calgary Flames vs. Colorado Avalanche

This matchup is going to be interesting for one reason: rematch! With the upset win last year, the Calgary Flames made their point, but it is time for the Avalanche to show who the boss is.

Any Game with St. Louis Blues

Last year was a surprise to many. The team has one more season to defend the Cup and prove that last year's win was no mistake.

The Stanley Cup Final

We just had to include this milestone on our list. The event is worth betting on, no matter which teams end up playing. This is an event that attracts the most amount of fans and where emotions overshadow everything. 

Best NHL Teams to Bet on

The NHL has a lot of worthy teams to bet on. Let's see our options before diving in.

New Jersey Devils

As you have decided to bet in New Jersey, why not support the home-state team? The New Jersey Devils have been around since the 1980 and have taken the Stanley Cup 3 times. They are not one of the frontrunners today, but there is some potential if you choose to bet on them.

Philadelphia Flyers

If you know your division history, you might consider betting on Philadelphia Flyers during the season. They have had quite a lot of wins within the division over the years and took home 2 Stanley Cups back in the day.

Boston Bruins

Last year, this team lost the Cup to the St. Louis Blues. This year, all the bookmakers place the team at the frontline or at least second to best odds in the futures bets. Whatever their results, the team still has an opportunity to shine.

Basic NHL Betting Tips

Pro betting on the NHL can be a full-time job. Think about it: knowing the game through and through, understanding the team dynamics, injuries, transfers, and other intricacies. However, there are basic rules to maximize your productivity even if you are a casual bettor.

Know the Game

Against what people far from betting might think, wagering on sports, and especially on NHL, is not just luck. There are many moving parts and unknowns, but you can put yourself in a better position by gaining knowledge about the game. Learn the basic rules, at least. This is obvious and logical, yet so many people still base their betting on "gut feeling."

Know the League Dynamics

If you want to be on top of your bets and not just throw a coin into the air and wait to see if it is heads or tails, you must also look into the history and stats within the league. Who played who, why they won, who is going to advance if the game is lost? These are questions to try getting the answers to, and there are many sources to help you figure out your strategy.

Understand the Odds

Are you comfortable with reading odds? It is crucial not only to be able to read but also to feel that you can picture those odds and their meanings in your mind's eye so that you don’t make mistakes in your calculations. This point is especially important when you decide to place in-game wagers.

Go Against the Crowd

It is convenient and logical to bet on those you know are the best, but are they the most profitable bets to take? After you learn to read the odds, go deeper, and start getting into underdog betting. This strategy can pay off really well, not because the underdogs never fail to surprise, but also because not many folks use these strategies, and there is an untapped potential.

Take Unskilled Prop Bets

If you really don’t want to dive into the strategy and just want to have fun, take a chance with the long list of props markets that do not need deeper knowledge to get right. If Lady Luck is on your side, you might as well guess some stuff for a quick buck and some light-hearted entertainment.

Live NHL Betting - Where to bet Live on NHL

All our recommended sportsbooks have live betting and live streaming. You can also stream the games on the NHL website if you buy their subscription. If you prefer watching the games on TV, there are options for that, too.

All the bookmakers we have talked about offering a myriad of markets and bet types for in-game wagering. The most common ones are moneyline, puck line, and in-game goalscorer bets.

If you had placed some bets before the game started, you could also alter them as the game goes on. Playing smart, cool, and paying attention will take you a long way during live betting.

Do not get confused if the bookmaker changes the odds. This strategy is quite common both in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and in online betting sites. Stick to your plan and go forward.

History of NHL in New Jersey

The history of NHL in the Garden State is very closely connected with the history of the NHL team of the state: The New Jersey Devils. According to the NHL website, the Devils originated in Kansas in 1974, then moved to Denver, and finally, in 1982, the team came to New Jersey.

It was a rocky start for the team, but after 12 years, for the 1994-95 season, they managed to win the Stanley Cup. With a total of 3 Stanley Cup wins, the team has slowed down since 2003, but the fandom believes that the franchise will rise again.


What is the biggest win ever in NHL gambling?

It might be laughable for an occasional bettor when we recommend placing your bets on the underdog. Yet, Scot A Berry won big by betting 400 USD on the underdog, the St. Louis Blues, and winning 100 000 USD in the unbelievable turn. The Blues won the Stanley Cup Final in 2019 against the Boston Bruins. This was the first time that the team ever won the Cup.

What was the biggest upset in NHL history?

In 2006, Edmonton Oilers won against the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Quarterfinals. There were so many factors against the Oilers that it is unbelievable how they pulled it off. 29 points separated the two teams; the Red Wings had a legendary roster at the time, and yet, the Oilers made it work. Not only did they destroy the Wings, but they rode right to the end, eventually losing to the Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Final.

Can I bet on the NHL in New Jersey?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the NHL in NJ online and state-regulated sportsbooks. You will have to be 21 years old and be physically within the state borders to bet. Also, you do not need to be a state resident, making it easier for tourists and bettors from other states to come to New Jersey to bet.

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