NCAA Football Betting in New Jersey

Much like the NFL, college football season comes with many betting opportunities.

But there are some major differences to consider when betting on NCAA football.

Check out our NCAA football betting guide for all your questions and Betting Bonuses to claim for the NCAAF.

The Best NJ Sportsbook for NCAAF Betting

Before we jump headfirst into the NCAAF odds, lines, and tips, we always like to feature the latest top sportsbooks. Here, we have recommendations for the best NJ sportsbook for NCAAF betting. All of these come with our full stamp of approval for safe and fair betting:

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NCAA & NFL – The Big Differences

Let’s make it clear from the start. Betting on NCAAF lines is a lot different from betting on the NFL. To some, that might seem obvious, but many bettors have misinterpreted the key factors when placing college football wagers.

We’ll outline those factors below to ensure you have a solid foundation for consistent and profitable betting. Of course, a little luck is always required, but sensible betting and knowledge will always help you in the long run.

Pay close attention if you want to make the jump from betting on NFL odds to college football odds. The rules are the same, and the points are tallied similarly, but betting requires a whole new set of details.

Expect Bigger Spreads

Don’t be alarmed by the spreads you see in NCAA football betting. In the NFL, a spread of more than 10 points is considered large.

In college football, seeing a spread of 40 or 50 points is really not that unusual. This is why you should learn to look at NCAAF betting in a different light.

With so many schools competing in NCAAF, this contrast can also create unfavorable matchups for the lower-ranked teams. What does all this mean in relation to you and your betting?

First of all, we didn’t want you to look at college football lines for the first time and be completely taken aback. Secondly, we want to emphasize that you shouldn’t automatically disregard the potential value of these games.

Bettors will often avoid these “big spread” NCAA football fixtures. But in reality, they don’t vary much from a typical NFL contest with a small point spread.

In fact, the smartest punters know that larger spreads can provide you with more room for errors if used correctly.

Smaller Betting Volume

The statistics show that there is significantly less money bet on NCAA football than on the NFL. This should not really come as a surprise to anyone.

But even with so many more games marked down on the calendar, college football still receives fewer bets per game.

But what should you take from this? All this comes down to volatility. The NCAAF lines will be much more volatile than what you experience in the NFL.

Let’s say you notice a one-point swing in the NFL; that would be big news for bettors. Yet, something as big as a three-point or four-point movement in college football is not all that uncommon.

The reduced betting volume across college football means it doesn’t take much money for the lines to shift. A bigger-than-average bet on one NFL line is not going to change much, yet the same bet for a college game has the potential to shift the line dramatically. 

Ultimately, college football betting lines are more volatile and fluid due to the fewer bets.

Unique College Betting Factors

Let’s set out the facts surrounding the players that take part in these types of football games: 

  • The NFL is top-level football played by professionals. 
  • College football is played by up-and-coming kids. 

The differences are tangible, and all this will end up affecting your betting decisions.

Most NFL players know how to handle the big stage, whether it’s a high-profile Sunday fixture or a big matchup on Monday night. These factors rarely have much impact when betting on the NFL. Things are different for college football, though.

Some college teams quickly go from playing in front of friends and friendly (say, a few hundred people maximum) to tens of thousands.

The addition of cameras, scouts, and all the media coverage that comes with a high-level NCAA game is something that must be considered.

Experience is a lot of what makes a professional such a top-level athlete. It takes time for kids to gain this experience and knowledge of how to play and succeed at the game’s upper levels. Emotions can get the better of anyone, and this needs to be factored into your betting.

If you are just starting out with NCAAF odds, we suggest sticking to the basics. Get a feel for how the volatility of these betting markets plays out, and find the right ones that suit your betting style. 

It’s also worth knowing which are the biggest and most influential NCAAF leagues and tournaments, so you know where to put your money.

College Football Odds

You will be familiar with the standard NCAAF odds if you already have experience in betting on American football. As we mentioned, the types of markets are largely the same. It’s the situations that you need to assess differently. 

Below you can find the most popular college football odds:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Totals Over/Under
  • Prop Bets
  • Futures

The depth of college football in America is huge. We would not expect you to follow every conference and fixture simply because you would not have the time to do so.

Pick a few, narrow down your options, and learn about the scheduling and ranking. 

You should then start picking up betting knowledge you can use for your future NCAA football strategy. Here are some of the conferences that the 120+ Division 1 teams play in:

  • The American (American Athletic Conference)
  • Big Ten (Big Ten Conference)
  • Big 12 (Big 12 Conference)
  • MAC (Mid-American Conference)
  • PAC-12 (Pacific-12 Conference)

On top of the conferences, you also have multiple bowl games to consider when looking to bet on NCAAF lines. Some of those include:

  • Rose Bowl – California
  • Sugar Bowl – Louisiana
  • Orange Bowl – Miami
  • Fiesta Bowl – Phoenix
  • Cotton Bowl – Dallas

Expert Tips on Betting NCAA Football

As you have found out so far, betting on NCAA football requires a different mindset. Sure, the game and rules are the same, but your attitude toward the various lines will affect your overall profits. 

“Being able to recognize the key betting markets and pick out the best NCAAF odds will put you in a position to place more winning bets over the college football season.” 

Keep the suggestions below in mind when you join any of the recommended best NJ sportsbook for NCAAF betting up near the top of this page.

Beginner Advice When Betting on NCAAF Lines

Don’t hold out for the postseason because college football odds offer value all season long.

Sportsbooks can make rookie mistakes during the regular season, but they won’t do so for the bowl games. Don’t hesitate, and get ready to pounce on any mistakes.

“Fade the public” and take advantage of line movement when the majority of bettors are wagering on one side of the NCAAF lines. Excellent chances might arise for betting value when the sportsbook attempts to strike a financial balance. Don’t always follow the betting herd.

Things To Remember When Betting from New Jersey

In New Jersey, you can legally wager on NCAA football odds. Everything from wagering before a game to wagering via the in-play markets.

The one and only exception is wagering on any college team from New Jersey or any college game or event with the state.

This means, for example, you won’t be able to place any bets on the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights in the Big Ten Conference. Laws may change in the future, but at least you can still wager on the hundreds of other NCAAF teams out there across the US.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It all depends on the factors surrounding the game. Betting the spread is a common bet for any football game, but the totals and moneyline can also be profitable with the proper research.

All the sportsbooks we recommend provide college football betting markets. Keep in mind that betting on New Jersey college football teams is illegal, but apart from that, you are free to bet what you like.

There are many conferences within the NCAA. The Big Ten, Big 12, and PAC-12 are popular ones. Betting on the bowl games can also be profitable, although games become much more contested at that stage of the season.
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