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BetNJ helps you to find the best Online Sports Betting Sites in NJ

Unlike many online casino games in New Jersey, there’s a huge element of skill involved with profiting from NJ sports betting online. You’re in control, which is what makes it so exciting.

The team behind BetNJ has been in the online sports betting industry for several decades with experience from sports betting in Europe, which has been legal for a long time.

We use our experience and knowledge to provide all information needed for you to be successful in your NJ sports betting, including a complete New Jersey online sports betting guide.

We tell you what you should think of, what to bet on and what welcome bonus and promo codes to use to maximize your value when choosing the best betting site for you. Of course, we will also update you on what’s going on in the betting industry in NJ and other relevant NJ sports news.

Remember this – There are several different bonuses and offers to claim out there. Including:

Yes, sports betting is legal in New Jersey. NJ requires gamblers to be at least 21 years of age to place bets online.

In 2018, the US Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize NJ sports betting. New Jersey and the Department of Law & Public Safety was one of the first states to make online sports gambling legal!

It means betting on sports events is legal and convenient when you use a licensed online bookie.

A sports event is defined as any professional athletic event, any Olympic or as any international sports competition. A sporting event also includes most college athletic events

However, you are not allowed to wager on local college teams. This means no bets are allowed in New Jersey on Rutgers, Penn State, or Seton Hall basketball as examples, but you can bet on professional teams, like the New Jersey Devils.

Types of Online Sports Betting NJ

Just because you choose a NJ betting site that offers bets on your favorite sport doesn’t mean it offers your desired betting options when it comes to sports betting NJ.

Practically every NJ betting site will offer the betting types most beginners play, such as moneyline, under or over total points, and point spread handicap. These are more traditional types of bets.


Great NJ bookies also offer a wide variety of betting lines. When signing up with a new bookie, you’ll want to verify they have money lines, point spreads, and over/under totals. Future betting lines are also highly sought after.

Moneyline Markets

Money Line bets are about as simple a bet you can make; you’re only betting on which side you think will win the game.

Totals under/over

These popular bets are simple in theory and easy to execute. For each game, bookmakers assign a number representing the bookmakers’ prediction for both teams’ combined point total.

This leaves two options for bettors: the “over” or the “under.”

For example, if the total is set at 54.5 for the upcoming Giants vs. Jets game. The only way the over wins is if the combined final score is 55 or higher. Otherwise, the under will be victorious.

Point Spread

Point Spreads refer to a margin of victory between two competing teams. 

For example, a bet on a favored team with a point spread of -3.5 would need to win by 4 points to win the bet.

On the flip side, a bet placed on the underdog opponent (+3.5) would win their bet as long as their team doesn’t lose by more than 3 points. 

Spreads are a great option if you see a bet you like, but the moneyline is making you hesitate.


Live betting is a much more fast-paced environment than pre-game betting. NJ betting sites update their odds every few seconds, leaving a small window of time to place any bets before the odds change again.

One of the benefits of live betting is that you may come across some valuable odds lines. It is also useful for bettors who didn’t get to place their pre-game bet in time.

Team Futures

Future bets are made on games or events taking place in the future, such as who will win the Super Bowl, NBA Championship or how many wins a team will get in a season.

American Bookies will choose the odds based on potential outcomes. 

Parlay Betting

Parlays are among the best types of bets for high payouts. A parlay is like betting on multiple bets, but each bet must win, or else the parlay will lose.

Placing a parlay bet requires at least two separate bets. The more bets in the parlay, the higher potential payout!

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

Before we discuss the basic techniques of betting, let’s review assessing betting odds. An understanding of probability theory can provide a good starting point.

This will help with analyzing the betting lines offered by NJ sportsbooks so you can find the betting sites with the best odds. A bet on any event and the associated payout amounts are driven by an estimate of the probable outcome.

It can also be driven by the expected value. It is not all numbers, but understanding the odds and payout factors is very important. 

What Sports & Leagues can I bet on in New Jersey?

NJ sports betting Online is your access point to practically any sport in the world. Not all online NJ betting sites will offer the same betting options, though.

Decide on which sports you like to bet on the most. Practically every online bookie in New Jersey will have betting options for the five major sports including:

These are the most common sports to bet on in Nej Jersey. 

NJ Sports Betting Apps

Mobile access is crucial in NJ sports betting online. Punting participants need constant access to their accounts as point spreads change quickly due to weather, trades, players’ injuries, etc.

Mobile Betting

Contrary to popular belief, a betting provider with a great desktop experience doesn’t necessarily provide the same great service on their mobile devices.

App-based betting is a relatively new innovation, and some betting companies are still lagging behind.

If you intend on betting via mobile, load down their app, and check it out. Is the app responsive and do you have any problems placing your bets?

You may even want to open an account and place a few small bets to see how it functions.

But it’s probably enough just to download the app, create an account without depositing any money, and try ouf the different features offered.

Take note, mobile betting apps may not come with the same features and functionality of the desktop sportsbook.

Gambling Laws & Safety on NJ Sports Betting

New Jersey happens to have some of the least restrictive gambling laws in the entire continental US.

Like in all states where gambling and online sports betting has been legalized, you must be a resident of that state in order to create an account.

Furthermore, you must be present within the state when making your wagers. All betting sites in New Jersey have geolocation technology to ensure that wagers are placed within state lines. That’s why VPNs are explicitly banned.

All players must be at least 21 to create an account with an online betting provider in New Jersey.

Online betting sites are also obligated to ensure a minimum level of security for players. All online bookmakers will have security mechanisms.

Security Checks/KYC

Online betting sites in New Jersey use “KYC” policies to prevent fraud, money laundering, and users with multiple accounts. This means you’ll need to submit your contact information. These will include things like your name, address, and email.

Most online betting companies in New Jersey will carry out their verification procedures when you attempt to make a withdrawal for the first time.

How quick are they and how demanding are their requirements?

You’ll always need to provide a form of photo identification and proof of address. These should be a high enough quality for the information to be clearly visible

Customer Support

Having customer support builds trust. If no customer support means are available, consider a different betting provider. Whenever you have a problem of any kind, make sure to reach the operator.

Most used means: Email, Phone, Chat.

These are three of the best methods to contact customer service. Phone and chat are the quickest and easiest ways to get in touch. Email is a better option if you’re sending attachments and want your conversation documented. 

Responsible Gambling in New Jersey

Do you gamble too much? Here are the symptoms.

  • Chasing your losses by gambling even more.
  • Increasing wager amounts to maintain the same level of excitement.
  • Failed attempts at cutting down how often you gamble.
  • Lying to close ones to keep your gambling a secret.
  • Asking for financial help to offset the money you’ve lost.
  • Stealing to continue funding your betting account.

What help is available?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Today there are several sportsbooks acting on the NJ sports market. We rank all the best sportsbooks and what the best bonuses are right now at BetNJ.com.

Yes, Draftkings is legal in NJ. They were one of the first sportsbooks to open in the state.

Yes you can use BetMGM in New Jersey since they have the needed license and are providing sports betting today.

Just check out our ranking of the best sportsbooks with the best sign up bonus, and pick your choice. These are confirmed the best sportsbooks and bonuses by our research team.

Yes you must be physically in NJ to bet on a NJ sportsbook. This mean you cant bet if you are out traveling in other states for example.
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