NJ PointsBet Sports Betting Customers Put More on the Line

New Jersey is building its reputation for higher stakes, bigger bets, and riskier punters.

PointsBet launches sports betting product in New Jersey

PointsBet, CEO Johnny Aitken claims that New Jersey sports betting customers are betting with average stakes set significantly higher than those of Australian punters.

In fact, average American stakes were around 4 times higher than those of Australian punters.

PointsBet launched its online sportsbook in the US in January 2019, engaged in a partnership with Tioga Downs and Meadowlands. This partnership allows the sports betting product to offer its customers a legal and safe sportsbook. PointsBet also recently partnered with TopGolf in order to create PointsBet branded sports bars in New Jersey.

PointsBet has been highly competitive in Australia with 2018 paying out more than $300 million. Reports show that the sports betting product produced over 147,000 bets in the Australian market in a day. That’s quite a hefty feat to carry through to the US.

In order to do so, PointsBet signed two famous US sports stars, Allen Iverson and Darrelle Revis as brand ambassadors. Allen Iverson, member of the NBA hall-of-fame, and Darelle Revis, member of the NFL hall-of-fame, are helping the brand to bring in a new wave of sports fans to the U.S. sports betting market.

What does PointsBet have to offer?

PointsBet is currently the fastest growing sports betting product in Australia and is now an innovative sportsbook in New Jersey. Its app is created with extremely easy-to-use software and offers legal sports betting across popular U.S. sports leagues and sports betting markets. The online sports betting product provides content along with an enriching sports betting experience for sports betting enthusiasts.

Other bonus features of PointsBet include:

  • competitive prices
  • educational sports betting material
  • exclusive rewards program unique in the US sports betting market

The sports betting product also comes with a unique PointsBetting product. This modern way of betting rewards players with money based on their accuracy. PointsBetting offers high-risk and high-reward betting with stop-loss settings, allowing bettors to alter their win/loss position. This, however, does not limit customers from making fixed odds wagers for simpler scenarios. Players have the flexibility to bet however they wish.

This concept never matured in the UK, however, is seeing more popularity within the US sports betting market. This could perhaps be due to the fact that UK punters are less likely to go for a complex system in which losses can run at such a high stake. In the New Jersey sports betting market, customers seem to take more risks and bet at higher stakes.

Sports betting: American vs. European

Chief innovation officer of PointsBet, Seth Young, decoded that the psychodynamic in American betting customers is much different than that of European customers. American punters tend to consume at a much higher risk.

“Americans have a higher tolerance for risk generally speaking, and if there’s ever a product that is going to play to that dollar-to-dreams mentality, then this is it.”

PointsBet is off on the right foot

PointsBet U.S. CEO Johnny Aitken announced that their offers and VIP betting experience would gain support from all kinds of sports bettors. 

So far this sports betting product proves the popularity and success of sports betting in New Jersey. With the legalization of regulated NJ sports betting, the stakes are high for bettors as well as for companies stepping into this fast-growing sports betting market.


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