William Hill Sportsbook Review – Bet $50 Get $50 Today!

William Hill’s push into the New Jersey market was a smart move for the company. They are one of the oldest names in sports betting, dating back to 1934. This UK-based operator has expanded its betting operations to Nevada, Iowa, New Jersey, and seven other states, with more expected in the future.

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William Hill

$50 in Free Bets!
Wide sports betting variety
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Will Hill has experience operating over 100 sportsbooks in Nevada and has since opened retail sportsbooks at both Monmouth Park and Ocean Resort Casino in New Jersey. Soon after, the company launched its online sportsbook and mobile sports betting app, with versions for Android and iOS.

Play with William Hill Sportsbook and get a free $50 bet just by betting $50 on your favorite sport. It’s just one of the many lucrative offers you get when playing with William Hill.

Here’s what you need to know about placing your bets with William Hill Sportsbook.

William Hill Sportsbook Welcome Bonus – Bet $50 Get $50 in Free Bets

Like all sportsbooks, William Hill has to compete with a huge number of different sportsbooks. For this reason, welcome bonuses tend to be generous.

Just enter GET50 when signing up and get your bonus funds credited within 14 days of placing your $50 in wagers.

Welcome Offer

The main welcome bonus you get with William Hill is the opportunity to bet $50 and get a free $50 bet. That means all you need to do is make a $50 bet and you automatically get another $50 bet, no questions asked.

The best way to play this is to stick to the heavy favorites in a sports game. Some players prefer to utilize this bonus by trying to hit a big jackpot, but this is the wrong way to play it.

Any winnings from the free $50 bet come without any wagering requirements, so any winnings can be withdrawn immediately.

Even a small profit from your free bet still gives you $50 you didn’t have before, so it’s better to play this welcome bonus safe.

When you make a deposit using the promo code BETNJ150, you will receive a 100% match deposit up to $150! You heard right, you could receive $150 FREE, just for making a deposit with this promo code.

William Hill Sportsbook Offers – Win 3 Primetime NBA Games and Get a 4th Free

The William Hill sportsbook is flush with offers throughout the whole year. The themes surrounding their promotions are whatever sport is prominent at the time.

For example, after the Super Bowl ends, the NBA is in the spotlight as March Madness hits.

Promotions Currently Available at William Hill Sportsbook

It’s always difficult to keep up with the various offers a sportsbook is promoting. William Hill sportsbook reserves the right to extend and pull active promotions at any time.

These are some of the promotions currently available with William Hill Sportsbook. You can head over to their promotions page to get the latest updates.

NBA Offer

The main offer available now is on primetime NBA. All you have to do is make a bet on a point spread involving the three primetime NBA games for the weekend.

If you win all three of these primetime games, they’ll give you a fourth win for free. In other words, you’ll get $33 added to your William Hill account.

25% Win Boost Offer

You can also bet on your local basketball team and receive a 25% win boost. Since you enter your address when you create an account, William Hill knows which basketball team is located closest to you.

Place a bet on your hometown team and they’ll increase your winnings by an incredible 25%. If your hometown team is good, you can really rack up the wins.

Trail Blazers Offer

Make a $100 bet on Portland Trail Blazers at New Orleans Pelicans and you’ll get an extra $1 for every point scored above 20 points by four of the game’s stars, including the up and coming talent Zion Williamson.

This is a common type of bet, where the teams and eligible players change every weekend. If you’re sure a certain player is going to have an impressive performance, you can get paid for it.

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William Hill

$50 in Free Bets!
Wide sports betting variety
High-quality mobile app



William Hill Sportsbook VIP Program

William Hill's VIP program is by invitation only, and those invitations are pointed toward players making high wagers and/or playing frequently. VIPs can expect a personal manager and exclusive offers.

The William Hill Rewards Club requires you to sign up in person with a physical enrollment form. You also only acquire points by handing your special membership card to the ticket writer. As of this writing, this rewards scheme is only available in Nevada and Iowa. It’s yet to be ported into New Jersey.

Either way, the William Hill Rewards Club is not particularly enticing. You gain one point for a straight bet and two points for a parlay. To get a $1 free bet you need to earn 1,000 points, so you can see how difficult it is to actually extract any value from this VIP program regardless.

This lack of a comprehensive, rewarding online VIP program is a glaring omission for William Hill.

Sports Markets

William Hill specializes in providing access to bets on both major and minor sports. They've been quick to respond to their U.S. market, including (American) football in their line up of sports while retaining those that are more popular in Europe and other parts of the world. 

  • Football 
  • Soccer
  • Basketball 
  • Baseball 
  • Horse Racing
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Auto Racing
  • Golf
  • Pool
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball 

Obviously this is an impressive lineup, offering you the opportunity to place bets on nearly any sport you could want. 

Let’s take a look at some of the sports markets you can bet on right now.

NBA Sports Betting

The NBA always commands a lot of bonuses and promotions, particularly during the spring. You can bet on your favorite team, points spreads, and how many points your best player is going to score.

You can also bet on NBA futures, such as which team will win it all and which team will score the first pick in the draft for next season.

NFL Sports Betting

Throughout the autumn and winter, NFL sports betting reigns supreme at William Hill. As well as the usual straight and point spread bets, you can take advantage of William Hill Sportsbook promotions.

Some of the promotions that came up last season include 15% cashback on losing college football parlays and weekly bonuses on in-play football bets.

Other Sports Betting Markets

William Hill Sportsbook further has open markets for the other two big four American sports: baseball and the NHL.

Furthermore, you can find ample opportunities for betting on soccer, which has continued to grow in the US. There are also special markets that open for big golfing events, like the Ryder Cup, and in boxing, where major fights are well-covered.

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William Hill

$50 in Free Bets!
Wide sports betting variety
High-quality mobile app



Live Betting

Live betting used to be extremely difficult to find in the US, as so few sportsbooks offered it. With changes in technology, live betting is as common as placing a bet in a physical store.

William Hill Sportsbook has a comprehensive set of live betting options. Their stable servers mean it’s easy to place live bets, even when traffic is heavy.

Odds change dynamically and William Hill allows you to place bets whenever you like, apart from when a major incident happens, such as a goal or a touchdown, where the market is temporarily suspended for a few seconds.

You can find the most betting markets on big games in the major sports. Less popular events tend to have restricted live betting options, or none at all.

It should be noted that William Hill Sportsbook does tend to offer fewer live play options than many of its major competitors, though.

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William Hill

$50 in Free Bets!
Wide sports betting variety
High-quality mobile app



Withdraw & Deposit with William Hill

Handling deposits and withdrawals with William Hill Sportsbook couldn’t be easier. They offer a range of banking options, enabling you to make deposits and withdrawals with ease. All transactions are handled through William Hill’s cashier on desktop and via the app.

William Hill Sportsbook enables you to make deposits and withdrawals using a number of methods. All transactions are handled in USD and there’s a $20 minimum deposit. Maximum deposits and withdrawals are set at $10,000.

Deposits are instant when using a credit or debit card, as well as a prepaid William Hill card, or cash at a William Hill location near you. For example, in New Jersey, you could do this at Ocean Resort or Monmouth Park.

An e-check may take a few days to clear, on the other hand.

For withdrawals, credit/debit cards will take two business days to process. Prepaid cards and cash are instant.

When making a withdrawal for the first time, expect to have to follow the identity verification procedure. You’ll be prompted to submit a HD image of a piece of photo ID.

Payment Methods

William Hill Sportsbook allows a relatively limited number of payment methods. These include:

  • E-checks.
  • Credit/debit cards.
  • William Hill prepaid cards.
  • Cash at a William Hill sportsbook (Locations include Monmouth Park and Ocean Resort Casino)

Many e-wallets are not available for use with William Hill, including Neteller and PayPal. This is something of a surprise due to the fact elsewhere in the world these e-wallets are valid payment methods. William Hill has revealed no plans to begin accepting payment via the most popular e-wallets in the US soon.

A $20 minimum is required to make a deposit on the site. There are no fees involved with depositing cash at the sportsbook.

Withdrawals are more limited. Players can collect cash at William Hill sportsbook or withdraw through a prepaid William Hill card.

Types of Bets with William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill Sportsbook offers a variety of different bets aimed at both players who want to play standard bets and those who are looking for a little more excitement in their betting.

Here’s a small list of the main kinds of bet available with William Hill.


The moneyline bet is the classic straight bet. Known as a win bet, a moneyline bet involves placing money on a specific player or team to win. These rarely give good odds, which is why most players avoid these bets outside of things like NASCAR, Formula One, and horse racing.

Point Spread

For the Big Four sports in the US, poor odds on moneyline bets are countered by the point spread. When you bet on or against the spread, you’re betting on a team with either a + or – next to its name.

If the Patriots have a point spread of +7, that means to win the bet on the Patriots they need to win by more than seven points.

A point spread usually yields better odds than a moneyline bet.


Parlays yield big jackpots because you’re betting on the outcome of multiple games as part of one bet.

For example, if you’re betting on a parlay in horse racing and you win your first race, the winnings from that bet get shifted onto the next race. As you can see, parlays can quickly add up to huge payouts.


William Hill offers a healthy selection of futures on the major sports. A future is a type of long-term bet that goes beyond the outcome of a single game.

For example, in the NFL you can bet on who next season’s Super Bowl Champion will be. You can also bet on who will make the playoffs in the NHL or MLB.

Some futures bets even go beyond sports. For example, it’s possible to place bets at William Hill on who the Democratic nominee will be for the 2020 election.

In-play/In-game betting

This allows bettors to place bets after the sporting event has already begun. William Hill offers in-game betting on typical wagers such as money line, point spreads, props, and totals.

The in-game betting at William Hill NJ online is quite limited, however, it offers the major types of bets. Be sure to check out their Promotions tab as they have some great seasonal offers, frequently changing by the week.

William Hill NJ offers live-streams on popular sporting events. These usually include special fights and big championships. Live-streamed events are featured on a calendar and users must have a real money bet or a funded account in order to be able to access these streams. It is also recommended to have a high-speed internet connection in order to have a complete high-quality stream.

Although easy to use and offering a wide variety of bets and sports, this site lacks special features. There are no special cashout features on this site. 

Site Features and User Experience at William Hill

William Hill’s betting platform is extremely well-organized and simple to follow for even first-time bettors.

Just click on a sport via the menu on the left of any page and all the different betting options will appear. Prices always appear in the middle of the screen. Click the price and your betting slip will automatically fill out. Add the amount you want to bet and click to confirm your bet. That’s it.

William Hill also offers a three-wide betting spread, which is spread, money line, and total. Just press ‘Click More’ on the list of games to get the full menu.

Dropdown menus and special buttons also make live betting incredibly easy. Prices update fast and with little interruption on these live betting screens.

Mobile Sportsbook App

The mobile app is where William Hill excels among sportsbooks. The mobile app is user-friendly and boasts high-quality software. Its elegant design lends itself well. It comes with nearly all the same features you’ll find through the desktop website.

Users can place their bets and make fast and easy deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in New Jersey. It offers a wide array of sports and betting options while featuring special notifications to help users keep track of all their bets. The customer support team is also easy to contact through the mobile app.

It couldn’t be easier to manage your account and play with the William Hill app.

The William Hill Sportsbook app is available for Android and iOS devices, downloadable from the website. 

Customer Support

Customer support at William Hill matches its competitors in sports betting. They offer a responsive customer support infrastructure that comes with 24/7 contact options.

How to Contact William Hill Sportsbook

It’s simple to contact William Hill Sportsbook in any manner you like. Registered users have access to a 24/7 live chat option. Just click on the live chat feature and you’ll be matched with a service agent in a matter of minutes.

You can also write them an email through their desktop website. They’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours. Finally, if you have an urgent issue and it’s within business hours, you can call them on 855-754-1200.

One thing that William Hill does lack, however, is a comprehensive FAQ section for resolving simpler issues.

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William Hill

$50 in Free Bets!
Wide sports betting variety
High-quality mobile app



Registration with William Hill Sportsbook

It takes just a few minutes to register with William Hill Sportsbook. Just click ‘Register’ on either the William Hill site or through the app.

You’ll be asked to enter your personal details. These include things like your name, address, email, and social security number. Sportsbooks and casinos are both required to request certain pieces of information from you in order to comply with local laws.

William Hill will send you an email with a verification link inside. Click on this link and your account will be fully activated and available to play with.

Take note, when you attempt to make a withdrawal for the first time you’ll have to comply with William Hill’s identity checks. This will require you to submit an image of your photo ID, such as a driving license or passport, so they can confirm who you are and how old you are.

Responsible Gambling

William Hill is committed to responsible gambling. In fact, they are so committed that you’ll find an entire section on their site dedicated to responsible gambling online.

You may opt to set deposit and betting limits through your account settings. Furthermore, you may opt for voluntary self-exclusion.

Self-exclusion applies a local ban to your account for a minimum of twelve months. To initiate self-exclusion, you must fill in a notarized self-exclusion form and send it to their address or visit a sportsbook and request self-exclusion there.

How to Delete an Account with William Hill Sportsbook

Despite how clumsy the self-exclusion process seems to be, deleting your account permanently couldn’t be easier with William Hill.

You’ll need to visit your account management tab and scroll to the bottom; on some versions of the site, there may be a dedicated account closure section.

Just click to close your account and William Hill will begin the process of deleting you. It’s that easy!

Security, Privacy, and Fair Play Guaranteed

William Hill is fully compliant with both local and federal laws on sports betting online. They also conform to policies on data protection and account security.

This sportsbook uses the highest level of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection to defend players from attack. Furthermore, they’re regularly audited to ensure their security remains at the highest levels.

William Hill is forthright about its policies on the suspension of markets and pricing when it comes to live betting. Make sure you read their policies on that to know where you stand.

The fact is that William Hill is one of the most renowned names in sports betting worldwide, so you know you can play with confidence with William Hill.

William Hill Sportsbook: Our Conclusion

William Hill is a barebones type of sportsbook to play with. Everything you need to bet successfully is available here.

The app is easy to use and offers a wide variety of bets and sports.

Given their long history, it is perhaps not surprising that they value their customers highly, and it shows through their offering live chat to customers. 

They also offer an ongoing parade of sports-specific bonuses for you to enjoy, which means the fun never ends when playing with William Hill.

It does lack when it comes to the number of live markets on offer and special cashout features. Its welcome bonus is moderate when compared to other sportsbooks. The lack of a comprehensive VIP program is another area where William Hill lags behind.

Overall, William Hill offers a great betting experience both on desktop and via their app.

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William Hill

$50 in Free Bets!
Wide sports betting variety
High-quality mobile app



Frequently Asked Questions

When did William Hill begin offering online Sportsbooks from New Jersey?

William Hill is no rookie to the game of sports betting. As an already well-known name in the UK, the company has stepped into the US and taken the online sports betting market by storm. They dove into the New Jersey sports betting market early through partnering with Monmouth Park and Ocean Resort Casino. On September 26th, 2018, William Hill launched its browser-based NJ online sportsbook.

What's the largest William Hill sportsbook payout?

This past April, James Adducci won $1.275 million after placing $85,000 on Tiger Woods to win the PGA Masters. While his tale involves flying from Wisconsin to Las Vegas and then taking a Lyft ride to a casino, Sugarhouse's online sportsbook lets you place your bets from anywhere within the limits of New Jersey. 

How do I sign up for William Hill's online Sportsbook? Can I join from home? 

William Hill's system requires an actual physical presence on one of their premises to get started. You need to go to a William Hill sports bar and tap "I'm here" on the app to have your application approved. If you do this within normal business hours, the approval should take under 5 minutes.

How to deposit money into my online Sportsbooks account?

You may deposit money:

  • Instantly through the app using the Priority Access Card
  • at mobile deposit kiosk at your favorite NJ tavern
  • at participating 7-11 locations

This gives you many options to make your deposit and get to betting. Good luck!

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