FoxBet Online Sportsbook Review- $20 Free, $100 bonus & More Now

FoxBet Online Sportsbook NJ Review

The formation of FoxBets is a dream come true and a dream for a possible future for online betting. The gigantic Fox Sports has teamed up with The Stars Group, the sister company to PokerStars (based on the Isle of Man) and owner of the online sports betting site BetStars, to form this new online sportsbook. Building off of BetStars' previous presence in New Jersey, FoxBets online is a new vision for sports betting. We can look for collaboration between the media giant Fox Sports and its newly formed online sportsbook, FoxBets.

FoxBet is now offering online sports betting in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The standard rules for sports betting apply to both--especially the fact that you have to be within the state's borders to play. New Jersey also has restrictions against gambling on sporting events taking place within the state. We can look for FoxBet to expand beyond these two states in the near future.

We've got all the low down on the online sports betting which has been made possible by this exciting merger. Read below to see our review of FoxBets online sportsbook's many options.

Bonus offers from FoxBet Online

FoxBet is starting off with two good offers: $20 for first-time users and up to $100 in matching funds for an initial deposit. 

FoxBet Sportsbook Promotions

FoxBet is really capitalizing on its affiliation with Fox Sports. You can expect to see some exceptional, unique promotions here. Some of these play off the sportscasters' personalities, who may or may not be very informed bettors, but this does lead to some unique betting opportunities.

Sportsbooks are a fast-moving form of betting, so the promotions are going to change a lot. Below you'll see some promotions that look to be consistent on FoxBet, but you can expect additional promotions to be offered week-to-week (or day-to-day).

Promotion: Colin Cowherd's Double Your Money

You don't have to like Colin to let him buy you a drink. If he's right about his picks and you bet along, you can double your money. This offer is only on Sunday, so it might provide a little lift for your Monday morning.

Promotion: Custom Sal's Money Back Special

Feeling the frisky Friday's a bit early? On Thursdays, you can bet along with Cousin Sal's CustomBet. Will these be safe bets with low returns, or will Sal gou out on a limb? Check-in weekly to find're safe either way!

Promotion: Additional Boosts

Fox News personalities provide various boosts to offer special promotions nearly every day of the week. Sundays, you can jump in on Rachel's on Tuesdays, Nick's parlay on Wednesdays, Clay's pick on Saturday, and Charissa's boost on Sunday evenings. 

VIP program/Rewards system

As of now, FoxBet has no offer of a VIP program, nor is there any strong indication that one is in the works. This is a curious absence that has us, and many other players, a bit baffled.

FoxBet keeps BetStars' loyalty program in place. This is an aspect we might expect to see adapted in the future under the new title of the app and sportsbook. 

FoxBet NJ site features and user experience

FoxBet has one of the best online experiences available. The website and mobile app have an immense amount of organization, but we find it very well organized and intuitive. Particularly commendable is the fact that the basic information is prioritized, while more experienced bettors can easily find the more specific information and advanced options they'd like. 

Mobile platform and software

The FoxBet NJ online mobile platform is available for both iOS and Android devices. The apps look great and are reportedly working well for users. Hats off to the app designers for managing to fit a huge amount of information on the screen while keeping it from looking too busy or overwhelming. Players have a plethora of useful features right at their fingertips, allowing you to both find what you're looking for and be exposed to some enticing additional options.

Account management features are neatly placed in a menu that is accessible on the side of the screen. Key markets are listed horizontally at the top of the screen. Users have a "Popular" tab which shows the top games to wager on while the "In-game" tab offers in-play betting in events currently happening. The "Trending Bets" tab is located at the bottom of the screen, showing the contests which have been the most popular amongst bettors. The platform also offers useful functions like its "Cash Out" feature and its "Spin & Bet Odds Boost Stacks. Many other features are efficiently located on the app including cashier access, promotions, and customization settings.

Accessibility to the PokerStars NJ app is also easily accessible through the site. Players find it convenient to have a shared wallet between the two platforms. 

However, some drawbacks would include the fact that the operator lacks a desktop platform so far. The pricing in spots seems off and the support is not the most reliable. Also, players have found that the loading time for betting options on individual games was slower than expected. The user interface could use a bit of refinement as well.

Customer service

FoxBet offers its users customer support via live chat in the support drop-down on the app. 

Bet variety at FoxBet NJ

Given the long history of BetStars internationally as well as in the US, you'll find that the betting variety with this operator is quite extensive and includes more interesting multi-part props which usually receive boosted odds. FoxBet also does a good job with grouping futures bets. Users can select certain games, adding them to parlays and round robins. A special feature allows the player to easily view their accumulated parlay value. The site also does the computing for round robins. 

FoxBet offers its users a wide variety of in-game betting options as well. Users can find the in-game option on the main menu. There is a unique in-play betting feature called "Spin and Bet" where users can select a wager and a prize and then spin to try enhancing their odds. 

Sports offered at FoxBet NJ

  • Football (collegiate and professional)
  • Basketball (collegiate and professional)
  • Baseball (collegiate and professional)
  • Tennis
  • Boxing and MMA/UFC
  • Golf/PGA
  • Hockey
  • Motorsports racing
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Darts

Deposit and withdrawal methods at FoxBet Online Sportsbook

  • E-check
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe at 7-11
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Cash at Resorts Casino cage


There's really not enough good to say about FoxBet. Building off of BetStars' structure, it already had a great app and website. When we see this fused with the media-giant that Fox is, we have interesting perspectives and enticing offers built around their sportscaster personalities. As we've seen, this is already producing some one of a kind offers that can provide some exciting and/or safe offers. Not a bad start!

There is every indication that there will be some major positive changes for FoxBet in the near future as well. We might see some streamlining away from BetStars' huge international reach and a focus toward 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my credit from BetStars on FoxBet?

Yes. Users will need to download the new app and sign back into their accounts.

Can I use the FoxBet app outside of New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

You cannot bet using the NJ or Pennsylvania sportsbooks outside of the boundaries of those states. However, you can access the app (and website) and take advantage of the information (and there's lots of it!) on they have to offer. 

How old do I need to be to bet with FoxBet?

All players must be at least 21 years-old to bet, or even to receive an account with FoxBet online. Legality is established by providing an image of your official identification as well as name and Social Security number. Your Social Security number is used only to confirm your identity. 

How did a UK-based company like PokerStars enter into the U.S. market?

On September 13th, 2018, four months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against PASPA, PokerStars NJ introduced its sports betting platform, BetStars, into New Jersey. BetStars, the sports betting brand under The Stars Group (TSG), is the arm of the company that reaches into the New Jersey sports betting space. TSG partnered with Resorts Atlantic City in order to make this possible. BetStars now has about a dozen sports betting licenses around the world, making it a strong staple in the betting industry. The platform, coming from experience in other markets, quickly offered a variety of sports and a range of different betting options, including in-play betting. When the company stepped into the New Jersey market, BetStars NJ became the eighth sportsbook to launch in the Garden State.


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1 April 2019

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