Will Nate Diaz Return to UFC Action? Dana White Responds

UFC president Dana White has shot down rumors that Nate Diaz has retired from the UFC. He has confirmed that he believes the popular fighter will, one day, fight again.

Nate Diaz is one of the UFC’s most well-known fighters. However, in recent years Nate Diaz has had the luxury of picking and choosing his opponents. After a lengthy layoff, UFC fight fans have been questioning whether the Stockton Slugger will ever fight in the Octagon again.

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Diaz Means Money

Diaz has found himself in the enviable position of being able to use his leverage to choose who he fights and when he fights in recent years.

Fight fans have noted that in recent years Diaz has become less and less active as a contender within the UFC. However, despite holding no world title within the organization, Diaz is known for his charisma and unprecedented trash-talking skills.

This means Diaz draws money for the UFC on whatever card he appears on. White has given him the luxury of coming and going as he pleases.

Will Diaz Follow His Brother into Retirement?

Nate Diaz is one half of the beloved Diaz Brothers. Nick and Nate have become two of the most recognizable names in the world of MMA.

Although brother Nick has retired, Nate continues to be active within his favored welterweight division.

Initially, Nate didn’t fight for nearly three years, before returning at UFC 241 to claim a unanimous win against Anthony Pettis. His second comeback fight was against Jorge Masvidal, where Diaz was comprehensively dismantled.

Since his defeat at the hands of Masvidal, both Diaz brothers have gone quiet.

White was quick to validate Diaz’s resurgence within the UFC, however.

“Nate Will Fight Again.”

White spoke to reporter Kevin Iole. Iole, in a wide-ranging interview, would go on to ask the UFC president whether there are any plans for Diaz to make a return to the UFC.

On Diaz, White said, “Oh. Definitely. I think Nate will fight again.”

This answer should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the UFC closely. Diaz has made the organization tens of millions of dollars throughout his career. If Diaz is thinking about retirement, the UFC will want to leverage one last big payday on his way out.

Possible Opponents for Diaz

There are two likely opponents for Diaz, should he decide to return to the UFC anytime soon. The most common rumored opponent is a rematch with Jorge Masvidal.

However, although a rematch with Masvidal would draw money, the comprehensiveness of Diaz’s defeat in the first bout may mean this is likely to be another one-sided affair.

Diaz has also teased a third and final fight with Conor McGregor. Both stars have one win apiece and a decider would be something that many UFC fans would want to see. Speculation has swelled since their second fight, where McGregor avenged his first-fight loss to the Stockton Slugger.

Although Diaz has teased fights with both opponents, including calling each man out on social media, none of these bouts have even come close to materializing.

Finally, a match against Dustin Poirier is an option. Diaz vs. Poirier was supposed to happen, but after the match was finalized Diaz pulled out of the lightweight contest.

Either way, at the age of 35, it’s clear that time is running out for Diaz and the UFC to make another mega fight happen.

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