Patriots vs Chiefs - One of the Coldest NFL Games

We've seen some chilly NFL games recently but nothing can compare to the expected forecast for Sunday's match in Kansas City. The Patriots will play the top-Chiefs on Sunday, January 20th, 2019. The two top-seeded teams could battle out a record-breaking cold match at the Arrowhead Stadium. The National Weather Service advised that Kansas City can expect an "arctic blast" and that "Temperatures at kickoff could range from 10 degrees to well below zero, potentially making it the coldest game in Arrowhead Stadium history."

Chiefs' coach prepared for the forecast

Andy Reid, coach for the Chiefs, sounded mildly indifferent when asked about the weather forecast. He reiterated the importance of focus and preparation on all NFL games. Besides that, he feels that the weather is no issue. He expressed his complete confidence in their "Sea of Red" turning out in the stands and supporting the Chiefs just as loud as they always have. He claims that it is never too cold for Chief fans. We'll see if this is true on Sunday. 

Patriots' coach unconcerned 

Patriots' coach, Bill Belichick didn't sound too concerned about the weather either in his last press conference. In fact, he had absolutely no opinion on the issue when questioned about the forecast. His response?

"Love to play in the championship game. Schedule it wherever you want. We'll be there."

When questioned if the weather could alter his approach to Sunday's game, he replied that its only Wednesday and their only concern now is preparing for the Chiefs.

NFL teams are well adapted

The Patriots played a bitterly cold game last week against the Los Angeles Chargers at their home field in 26-degree weather. They won by a considerable amount with a score of 41-28. Belichick stated that their weekly preparation consists of outdoor practices so the players are accustomed to playing in harsh conditions already.  

The Chiefs also seem to be well adapted to the cold weather, judging by their 31-13 win against the Colts last week. They played the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, January 12th, at a snowy Arrowhead Stadium, and dominated the majority of the game.

NFL players prove significant performance in NFL games

A consistently impressive performance by Patrick Mahomes makes him a likely MVP for the Chiefs this NFL season. During his first NFL season as a starter with the Chiefs, Mahomes completed 66 percent of his passes for 5,097 yards. He racked up 50 touchdowns against 12 interceptions. In Saturday's game against the Colts, Mahomes impressed once again, completing 27 of 41 passes for 278 yards. Although he did not throw for a touchdown last weekend, he did run for one in a crowd-pleasing fashion. Fans anticipate his performance against the Patriots next weekend.  

Another NFL player whose performance is always anticipated, Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, seems confident in his team's ability to match up against the Chiefs on Sunday. Brady expressed complete confidence in approaching the Chiefs with his team as the underdog. He told reporters that if his team is lacking motivation, they have a major problem. He stated, "This is what it’s all about. You sign up every chance you get to play in the AFC Championship game. I don’t care where, when, time, cold, weather, rain, blood, don’t matter.”

Chiefs vs Patriots - full speed ahead

As these teams approach the first AFC title game this Sunday, at the Arrowhead Stadium, coaches and players prepare with a business-as-usual attitude. Despite the threatening forecast of the coming winter storm, the Chiefs and Patriots will duel it out amongst a sea of extremely dedicated fans.


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