NFL is After Sports Betting Facilities to Pay Up

NFL is chasing NFL betting facilities to pay for league data

So far several states have legalized regulated sports betting and the National Football League (NFL) is chasing after state legislatures for their share of the revenue. The league’s argument for their request is an argument of honor and integrity. The NFL is claiming that the only way to stop NFL game fixing and corruption in NFL betting is to force sportsbooks to buy its data.

According to the American Gaming Association, the NFL is expected to bring in close to $2.3 billion per year through regulated, legal sports betting. These figures should start appearing by 2020 according to recent studies. Clearly, legal sports betting is leading to big money for these sports leagues.

NFL calls on Congress

NFL Vice President, Jocelyn Moore, has asked Congress to set up a federal framework forcing legal sports betting facilities to pay up. In her statement to the House of Representatives on Sept 27, 2018, Moore insists that "The absence of a clear and enforceable set of legal standards for sports betting threatens the integrity of our nation’s professional and amateur sporting contests – something Congress has sought to protect for more than 50 years."

On behalf of the NFL, she pressured the House, stating that "To protect consumers and the integrity of our games in a post-PASPA environment, we urge Congress to immediately act to create new statutory and regulatory standards for legalized sports betting in the United States."

NFL pushes for federal sports betting regulations

Ultimately the NFL prefers for Congress to create a standard set of regulations for the states to follow in order to govern sports betting more strictly. In these standardized regulations, the league stands to push for age limit restrictions and a consistent force to prevent money laundering, high-risk betting, and NFL betting corruption.

The league sees a federal framework necessary to protect its consumers and fans along with protecting the league and its intellectual property. Along with these efforts, the NFL would like to enforce the use of official league data while concurrently charging NFL betting facilities for this data.

Congress against federal NFL gaming regulations

However, no one is buying this argument. The majority does not believe that sportsbooks must buy NFL data in order to stop NFL game fixing and NFL betting corruption. As the NFL is broadcasted on national television and examined by fans and media outlets everywhere, this data is clearly already exposed. In the case of a low-level league perhaps this argument would seem more valid. But when it comes to a league of such high caliber, demanding a charge for such widely recognized data seems felonious.

Sara Slane, senior VP of American Gaming Association (AGA) Public Affairs stated that a regulatory framework is currently in place as 40 states have casinos and almost all of them have legal gaming. Three of these states have begun a sports betting legislative process while several teams have initiated contracts with casinos. She informed that Congress does not regulate other gaming commodities and that the AGA maintains state regulation on the issue of legal sports betting.

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