Intralot Takes on DC Sports Betting Contract

Now that the Washington, DC Council has approved an emergency measure in order to bypass the lengthy public procurement process, the Greek company, Intralot, has finally been granted a contract to operate sports betting in the Nation’s capital. This will be operated on behalf of the DC Lottery.

Who is Intralot?

Intralot is a betting and gaming solutions provider, which operates as a lottery vendor and operator. This integrated gambling supplier provides transaction systems, gaming content, and other gambling services to legal gambling organizations.

Grosso’s disapproval

Councilmember, David Grosso opposed this move and expressed his concern of Intralot’s behavior. Grosso explained that Intralot merely contributed to DC’s council campaign when “its lottery contract was up for renewal.” Instead, he supports a campaign finance bill which would end this “pay-to-play behavior.” In regards to the emergency measure taken, Grosso expressed, “This is not an emergency. This is a giveaway,”

Grosso made it clear that the three bidders who were on the stand for this contract, all had terrible credit ratings listed by Moody’s. These rating were so low, they “were below investment grade as grounds for voting against legal wagering in DC.”

Clear evidence suggests that gambling addiction is more prevalent in deprived areas and Grosso suggested this move was immoral.

Sports betting contract and DC Lottery

The legislation for sports betting along with the recent emergency measure passed with eight councilmembers in favor and four votes against it. Those in support of the sports betting bill feared the lengthy tender process, causing the state to miss out on years of big revenue.

The bill was filed in September but has since gone through a number of changes, including the deduction of the integrity fees once the bill passed through the Council. This was originally included in the bill.

This new contract with the DC Lottery means many things. One of which is that the DC Lottery is no longer required to bid with other suppliers. The organization can immediately begin negotiating contracts directly with Intralot.

The DC Lottery betting app would become the only mobile sports betting platform in the district. Several major sports arenas would have the right to sign their own partners in order to offer their own mobile betting services to customers within the designated exclusivity zone. Inside these two-block zones, no competition would be allowed. A 10 percent tax will be charged to all operators with sports betting licenses, based on their sports wagering revenue.

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