Illegal NJ Sports Betting in Atlantic City Casinos

Illegal Sports Betting in Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City casinos are on their toes. In recent events, casino giants Golden Nugget Atlantic City and Caesars Atlantic City received hefty fines for allowing illegal sports betting in their Atlantic City casinos.

Caesars Atlantic City strikes out

Documents were released pertaining to Caesars Atlantic City and the illegal sports betting allowed by the establishment on the September 10th Rutgers-Kansas college football game.

In a letter to Caesars Atlantic City, New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Jennifer K. Russo-Belles stated that there was illegal sports betting on the college football match in November of 2018. Russo-Belles gave details.

The letter stated that while Caesars' Las Vegas Trading Team had noticed the incorrect loading of this game before removing it from availability within the hour, the New Jersey Trading Team did not. It was four days later when Caesars voided the bet after the division notified Caesars' New Jersey Trading Team.

The company received a $2,000 fine from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Jeff Davis, Caesars manager of hub operations, sent a memo to staff reminding them of the illegalities around offering New Jersey collegiate games for sports betting.

Second strike for Caesars Atlantic City

Caesars Atlantic City once again offered illegal sports betting on the Monmouth-Princeton football game. This took place on the sports betting app. This game involved two colleges from New Jersey and the game took place in the state itself, therefore the action involved multiple illegal events. They disabled the betting window just 90 minutes after it had opened. This time Caesars Atlantic City hadn't accepted wagers. Caesars' director of gaming technology and innovation, Vicki Guveiyian, notified the DGE.

Penalties for Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget received a $390 fine which was owed to 10 people who had placed illegal NJ sports betting wagers on college football games.

It is legal in New Jersey to bet on college sports, however, betting on games which involve New Jersey colleges as well as collegiate events happening within the state, are prohibited.

NJ sports betting precautions in Atlantic City casinos

These mishaps shed some bad light on the new sports betting market in the Garden State, however, NJ sports betting sites still seem to be progressing. Atlantic City casinos, Golden Nugget and Caesars Atlantic City, are now taking extra precautions to ensure that illegal sports betting does not happen in their establishments again. 


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