Sports Betting Sites | What to Look for in an Online Sportsbook

What to Look for in a Sports Betting Site

Sports betting sites are available in their thousands across the world. This leaves bettors with a big choice to make. How can you find the best sports betting site?

To the uninitiated, sports betting sites may look the same, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see there are massive differences

It’s about so much more than the safety and trustworthiness of a site. Choosing a site that offers the best promotions or slightly better odds can improve your profitability by thousands of dollars in the long-term.

This is why it really pays to look into the details of different sports betting sites.

Sports Varieties

NJ online sports betting is your access point to practically any sport in the world. Not all online sportsbooks will offer the same betting options, though.

Decide on which sports you like to bet on the most. Practically every online sportsbook in New Jersey will have betting options for the four major sports including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Does the sportsbook in question cater to your sport? And, crucially, are your favored betting types available through your chosen sportsbooks? This is where you’ll find a great amount of variation among sports betting sites.

Types of Bets Available

Just because you choose a sportsbook that offers bets on your favorite sport doesn’t mean it offers your desired betting options.

For example, maybe you like to bet on soccer but a sportsbook doesn’t have an in-play betting option available. Perhaps you like to place parlay bets, where you bet on multiple games and the winnings accumulate over multiple events?

Practically every sportsbook will offer the betting types most beginners play, such as the point spread bet and the moneyline, or win, bet.

But if you want to play with a more advanced betting strategy, you need to be aware not every sportsbook offers more exotic bets.

An exotic bet is considered to be anything other than a moneyline or point spread bet.

The parlay bet, as described above, is a common wager for more advanced bettors. There’s also the teaser bet, which works in the same way as a parlay except you can alter the point spread to increase your chances of winning.

More exotic bets may even involve betting on the result of the coin toss, the length of the national anthem, or even how many interceptions a specific quarterback may throw.

Not all sports betting sites will offer these types of bets. If you prefer to play with more than the traditional moneyline or point spread you need an online sportsbook that will cater to that.

Banking Methods

Another important part of choosing the best sports betting sites is investigating different banking methods.

Only some online sportsbooks will offer PayPal as a banking option, for example. Some of the more modern sportsbooks even have plans to offer cryptocurrency options, such as Bitcoin, as a means of banking.

Common Sportsbook Banking Options

The truth is the majority of NJ online sports betting sites will offer largely the same types of banking options.

However, if you have a specific banking option in mind it’s wise to check them out before you get started.

Credit/Debit Card

The majority of players prefer to use their credit or debit card to make a deposit. Transfers made through this method are usually instant. You should inform your bank to ensure your card doesn’t get blocked when making a deposit for the first time.


The most common e-wallets are PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer. You can use these in lieu of a bank card to deposit funds instantly. Take note that only certain sportsbooks will have PayPal as a payment option.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer, otherwise known as a bank transfer, will typically take between three and five business days to be deposited in your account. An ideal option if you don’t have a credit/debit card or e-wallet.


Only some sportsbooks in New Jersey continue to offer checks as an option for making a deposit. These can take anywhere from seven to ten business days to be processed and the money deposited into your account.


A small number of sportsbooks have looked into the possibility of offering cryptocurrency as a deposit option. If you have currency like Bitcoin you may want to consider making a deposit via this option.

Sportsbook Bonuses

Like with online casinos in New Jersey, sportsbooks also offer bonuses in order to attract new players and beat out the competition.

There are a variety of welcome packages on offer to new players. These usually consist of deposit bonuses on your first deposit and free bets.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are given to players on their first deposit, and sometimes subsequent deposits. If a sportsbook says they’ll match deposits 100% up to $100 that means if you deposit $100 the sportsbook will give you an additional $100 to play with.

However, if you deposit $110 the amount you get is still $100. Likewise, if you deposit $50 you’ll only receive $50.

Free Bets

You may receive a free bet when you open an account for the first time. This may have the caveat of only being available for a specific event or you need to place a bet of a certain value first.

Free bets can also come with a newsletter promo code or a special event available to all players.

Odds Boost

The other major bonus you need to look for is the odds boost. Every so often a sportsbook may decide to offer an odds boost.

That means they’ll take the usual odds for a team and double or triple them. So you can bet on a hot favorite and get great odds, whereas normally it wouldn’t be worth even placing the bet.

Odds boosts tend to appear whenever a major event is scheduled, but they can come randomly and without warning.

A Word on Gubbing

Gubbing is a term used to describe sportsbooks that limit an account’s ability to place bets and claim bonuses.

This is a form of blacklisting that some sportsbooks levy on players who take advantage of too many bonuses. It’s a method implemented to remove the ability of players to perform matched betting and thus preserve the profitability of the sportsbooks.

Despite what some say, this is perfectly legal and there’s usually no recourse for a gubbed account.

Ordinary players are often caught up in these scenarios when they only bet with a sportsbook if there’s a bonus available. But some sportsbooks are stricter than others.

The best sports betting sites are those that take a more lenient approach. Gambling exclusively with bonuses is a perfectly valid strategy, and often a valid one.

Check out customer reviews to find out whether your sportsbook gubs player accounts at random.

Live Betting

Live betting is an innovation that has only come into being in the last few years. Live betting allows you to place bets on a game as the game is going on.

So you can bet on things like how many touchdowns there will be in the third quarter, how many fouls there will be, and even how many injuries there are going to be. There’s no aspect of a match you can’t bet on with live betting.

Odds update as the game plays out. Whenever something happens, such as a goal, betting may be suspended for 30 seconds to a minute while the sportsbook changes the odds to reflect what happened.

Live betting isn’t available everywhere, but the best sports betting sites will offer it.

Take note, you need a decent Internet connection to use live betting reliably and get the best odds at any given time.

Mobile Betting

Another aspect you may want to consider when choosing an online sportsbook in New Jersey is the mobile betting experience.

Contrary to popular belief, a sportsbook with a great desktop experience doesn’t necessarily provide the same great service on their mobile devices.

App-based betting is a relatively new innovation, and some sportsbooks are still lagging behind.

If you intend on betting via mobile, load up their app and check it out. Is the app responsive and do you have any problems placing your bets? You may even want to open an account and place a few small bets to see how it functions.

Take note, mobile betting apps may not come with the same features and functionality of the desktop sportsbook.

Customer Service

Sometimes things can go wrong and you may need to contact a customer service rep. This is often a point many bettors don’t take into account until something goes wrong.

What customer service options does a sports betting site offer?

The best online sportsbooks will always have a customer service option that’s 24/7. The most popular option is the live chat.

All you have to do is open a window on the site and type your message. Someone should get back to you within a couple of minutes. This is completely free and you don’t need to pick up the phone to make a call.

Furthermore, it’s wise to ask questions before you open an account. That way you can figure out whether their customer service department is actually effective.

How Effective are Their Verification Procedures?

The majority of bettors will never need to contact a customer service rep. The only time most players come into contact with a sportsbook rep is when they need to go through the verification procedure.

Most online sportsbooks in New Jersey will carry out their verification procedures when you attempt to make a withdrawal for the first time.

How quick are they and how demanding are their requirements?

You’ll always need to provide a form of photo identification and proof of address. These should be a high enough quality for the information to be clearly visible.

However, what this means depends on the sportsbook. Some use clunky verification procedures where unless you took the picture with a high-definition camera you’ll never pass the checks.

Some sportsbooks also take an unnecessarily long period of time to verify the identities of new players. You should never have to wait longer than 72 hours for your first withdrawal to be processed.

The best way to find out about an NJ online sports betting site is to look up some customer reviews. See what other bettors have to say about it.

Low Juice

Juice, or vig, is the commission charged by sportsbooks for processing the bet. You’ll find juice most commonly on point spreads.

The most common point spread betting odds is -110. This means you need to risk $110 to win $100.

A low juice sportsbook in New Jersey may, instead, have odds of -105. That means you only need to risk $105 to win $100.

It may not seem like a big deal, but over hundreds of bets, this will make a big difference to your profitability.

There are dedicated low juice sportsbooks, but traditional sportsbooks may also offer low juice options on specific betting lines or at certain times of the week.

Any smart gambler will take advantage when there’s a low juice option available simply because it maximizes profitability.

The phenomenon of the low juice sportsbook is becoming increasingly common as gamblers realize the benefits of less juice when they place a bet.

It’s also becoming a common bonus during major sporting weekends.

Customer Reviews

The final step to choosing the best online sportsbook in New Jersey for you is to check out what your fellow gamblers are saying about different websites.

A quick Google search will bring up lots of websites dedicated to compiling customer reviews of sportsbooks. That way you’ll get a better idea of what other people are experiencing on a specific sportsbook.

You’ll also find out about any problems, such as whether people have had trouble withdrawing, gubbed accounts, or a lack of functionality.

It’s well worth spending a few minutes researching a sportsbook before you decide to open an account with them.



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11 November 2019

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