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Online Casino Games

Are you looking for online casino games you can play from New Jersey? Luckily, the selection of slots as well as classic table games - such as online roulette and online baccarat - is getting more and more extensive as we speak. The best NJ online casino sites are partnering up with experienced game developers that are licensed to cater to the Garden State, and you’ll now find plenty of games to play both for free or for real money! Let’s check out the types of online casino games available in New Jersey at the moment, and give you a few handy tips on how to get started so you can have the best experience online!

NJ online casino games - security and fairness

If you’re new to an NJ online casino, you should know that by choosing a licensed operator, you can rest assured that the games you play will be fair and secure. The outcomes of all online slot games are determined by what we call a Random Number Generator (RNG). These are complex algorithms that will stop the reels at a certain random position once the player clicks on the spin button (or in the case of automated table games, once the player clicks on the ‘deal’ button or similar). This ensures that each spin is completely independent of all other spins and totally random – there’s no secret mechanism that will ‘decide’ to pay you a big amount after a certain number of non-winning spins, or to deny you the jackpot! 

Of course, online casino games are programmed to pay out in a certain way, and all of them will have a theoretical Return to Player percentage (RTP). This means that over a certain number of spins (we're talking millions of spins here!), the game is programmed to pay the player back a certain amount.

If, for example, a slot has an RTP of 96%, it will pay the player back $96 for every $100 wagered – but this will take place over a theoretical number of rounds - which means that you cannot always expect this payback percentage when you play (you could win or lose more, depending on your luck!).

Game developers normally publish their RTPs so players will have an idea of how the game is designed to payout, and the best slots by NetEnt, for example, typically have an RTP that is higher than 96%.

The opposite of RTP, house edge, refers to the percentage that is ‘kept’ by the house or casino (to make a profit). House edge is a term used to refer to table games rather than slots, but essentially it means exactly the opposite of RTP. If a game has an RTP of 96%, the house edge would be 4%.

The lower the house edge, the better it is for players. And the good news is, online casino games typically have a lower house edge than some of their counterparts found at land-based casinos. This is because NJ online casinos do not have the same kind of expenses as land-based facilities – there are no rental fees and less personnel working for the casino.

If you are looking for games with a low house edge, we highly recommend online blackjack, which gives players the best chances of winning - if they know the best strategies!

Online slots - win real money or play free slots

Slots are fun and entertaining, and the variety offered at online casinos in New Jersey is huge. You’ll find games by the likes of NetEnt, IGT and Scientific Games, all of which come with cool features like respins, free spins, wilds, bonus games, and multipliers! Online slots are inspired by a variety of themes to cater to different player tastes - you'll come across online fruit machines that look like classic pub slots to video slots and other 3D games. To mention just a few popular themes, you'll find fairytale slots, games inspired by the Wild West, slots based on popular TV series or movies, and ancient-Egyptian or Aztec inspired slots. 

Play free slots at NJ casinos

Most NJ online casino sites will allow you to try out their slots for free before wagering any real money – this allows you to get a feel of the game, its features, and the payout structure before risking your money.

Caesars slots are free to try out online – all you need to do is head to Caesars Casino and browse for these free slots in the casino menu, then select ‘demo play.’ Caesars Casino boasts of a great selection of NetEnt slots – from classics like Starburst and Twin Spin to the jackpot legend Divine Fortune and other new games such as the recent branded title, Jumanji. As developers continue releasing brand new titles, this casino will add them to their Caesars slots collection, so players from New Jersey can play them shortly after they're released! 

Online roulette, blackjack, and poker

Thanks to the accessibility of online casinos in NJ, you don’t need to head to Vegas anymore to enjoy those much loved classic table games; NJ casino games offered by most operators include the likes of online roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack.

You can play these card games either by opting for an automated online game, or you can even choose to join a live casino table (more on this in the next section). The difference between the two is that online table games give you access to a standard (fictional) game interface and you’re likely to play against ‘fictional’ players and dealers.

You can play online roulette or blackjack online free at any time of the day by choosing any game in the table game category, and you’ll also encounter different variants of these popular casino games. The games will play out just like their physical counterparts. For example, you’ll get the blackjack double down option, allowing you to double your original wager. What's more, you'll also be able to play these casino games for free to practice and get a hang of the rules - even in the case of online poker or free craps. 

Live casino games in NJ

Live casino games involve playing against real dealers and players, therefore, you’ll be able to watch the live dealer deal the cards or spin the roulette wheel live from the game manufacturer’s studio – this makes the experience more genuine and interactive for the player, so that it almost feels like you're playing at a real casino in Vegas! What’s more, the outcome, in this case, is not determined by a Random Number Generator, since it’s a real person who is dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel (of course, security measures like cameras are in place to ensure there’s no foul play!)

In order to play online casino games live, you need to join a table at a certain time and wager certain amounts (you will be able to view the start time and table limits via the live casino category of the NJ casino you decide to join).

A good choice when it comes to playing online roulette, blackjack and other table games would be 888 Casino NJ – this casino will spoil you for choice. It offers different variants of roulette and blackjack (such as American Roulette and American Blackjack), as well as other types of card games like online poker games (including Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker). What’s more, you’ll also be able to benefit from exclusive offers, bonuses, and promotions – the live dealers will inform you about these offers themselves!

Of course, we always suggest learning the rules and strategies before you play these online casino games – you can find lots of resources about video poker strategy and on how to play blackjack and other strategy games.

How to play baccarat online in NJ

Another classic favorite, baccarat, is amongst the online casino games you’ll easily find at NJ casino sites. As explained above, you can find two different forms of online baccarat; the computer-generated baccarat which you can play at any time, or Live Baccarat which is managed by a real live dealer.

Sugarhouse Casino offers both types of online baccarat in its table games section. SugarHouse online casino also provides an extensive collection of other card games such as online roulette and blackjack.

Of course, if you’re serious about playing this game for real money, you should really learn how to play baccarat by reading about a few strategies. Just like online blackjack and online poker, baccarat is a strategy game so that the player has a certain degree of control over the outcome. You can find many tutorials on how to play baccarat online, and you can also try and play online Baccarat for free at a couple of NJ online casino sites.

Casino games on mobile

In this day and age, you would expect to be able to play online games on the go. That’s why game developers are making sure that their games also work seamlessly on mobile devices by making their software compatible with Android and iOS devices. Whether it’s slots or table games, all you need to do is to sign in to the same casino account via your mobile and browse for your favorite casino games. Slots and other casino games will have a slightly different layout on mobile, while navigation options will ensure that the player gets the best experience from their mobile device.


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8 April 2019

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